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So Lounge a commenter here asked me a question on what to eat during pregnancy. If I was to speak authoritatively on this issue it would make me a fraud…. even though somedays I am fraudulent. lol.. Everyone always tells us how we should eat our fruits and vegetables while pregnant and all the good jazz.

Even I should know better with a mother whose life revolves around food – she is a nutrionist/ dietician, I was not very interested in healthy eating during my pregnancy. I just didn’t have a taste for the healthy sh** so to speak. About 2 to 3 times a week I would remeber I hadn’t had fruits so I would blend Mango chunks and spinach in a bullet blender with some coconut milk and water and drink it. You should try it, it’s really good. I never ceased to order or buy pizza from the store… you are wondering how I coped in Lagos before I went to the States? I used to get pizza from Samanthas and mise it for days. 

My favourite Pizza was pepperoni- I am proud to say I don’t remember having pizza post pregnancy. One other thing I did everyday without fail was consume a lot of lactose free milk and a lot of yoghurt. 

One of the realest fears of twin pregnancies outside of premature delivery is low birthweights. My goal was to have two 6 pound babies – which according to my sonograms was their closing weight the day before delivery. I knew I didn’t want my babies in the NICU for breathing problems or to be fed through tubes… It’s a very demoralising experience I have been told. So I made sure to drink milk at least 2 to 3 glasses daily as a quick way to bulk the babies up. I haven’t touched lactose free milk since pregnancy too… I am back to my usual soy milk in Lagos sha.

I also did not excercise during my pregnancy, frankly I couldn’t be bothered. I figured I would get to it after I had the babies. And with how fast I felt my body was going south anyway, it felt pointless. I generally have hypotension and pregnancy brought my bp to an acceptable level on the lower side of normal so I felt ok. lol

At last my twins were born at 37 weeks 1 day and weighed in at a combined 10 pounds ( I like to tell myself I would have had a really big baby if I had a singleton). They had to be observed for one day to make sure they could feed and not lose too much weight. 

I also gained a whopping 60 pounds of which I have lost about 47 pounds and still struggling to lose 13 pounds, even though I am excercising by mouth only. 

So I am probably the worst Person to give healthy pregnancy advice of any sort. Many days i struggled to get out of bed, I went from running marathons esenti to walking during my pregnancy. One thing I did a lot was drive though…. 


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  1. Its so funny how cravings simply disappear after babies come on board.
    I couldnt stop eating ofada stew.


  2. Thanks very much Ms Pynk! God bless you and your beautiful family.


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