Is This a Vision?

Excuse my tardiness/ absence these days…. the “twinsome” ( I made up the word sue me) is keeping me extremely busy.

So I was reading up on the news catching up essentially and I was reading that the government of Nigeria is planning to give N5000 to 1 million poor Nigerians under some conditional Cash program. Anyway I looked at it and thought to myself what f***ery. Excuse my French but what exactly can N5000 do for any grown adult in this miserable environment that will be inpactful? 

I keep thinking to myself if these people don’t have an actual vision, cant they surround themselves with people who do? Give them N5000 that probably will never reach them and in the event it actually does, it cannot create anything sustainable. Why haven’t they come up with requirements for the receipients outside of poverty? 70% or more of the Nigerian populace is poor –  there are several reasons why the populace doesnt thrive.

Infrastructure, healthcare, education and access are primary areas that are lacking. fix the damn roads and require they be motorable- cost of living will become cheaper (food), provide electricity people will get working and be encouraged to work – the butcher won’t think about the high costs of diesel after he slaughters a cow for sale, healthcare – our infant mortality rates will be lower ( uneducated or undereducated women will have less kids) and be better equipped to care for themselves and said kids. A big part of why the Nigerian populace is the way it is – education…. literacy is not enough to be competitive. 

There are many things this moneg can go into rather than the pockets of those who have already been enrinching themselves at the expense of others. Better yet they should organise a census that mandates a numbering of the populace so the challenges can be properly identified. 

I wake up most days in a good mood and end up going to sleep with a headache when I hear a president continue to complain almost two years after he took office about what he met on ground. Took this man talked about he almost absconded when he met an empty treasury – I am thinking he may have honestly done Nigerians a huge favour by absconding.

I can’t today… drops phone and exits.

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5 Comments on Is This a Vision?

  1. Chrisyinks // November 6, 2016 at 03:26 // Reply

    Per Buhari, his policies and government, on most days I’m uncertain if he and his cabinet have good intentions for Nigeria. One thing I am certain is that he and his team lack the capabilities to solve Nigeria’s challenges.


    • I was going to like your comment only for me to see a thumbs down icon. Error ni o. 🙂


      • chrisyinks // November 8, 2016 at 15:40 // Reply

        No biggie…I don’t give much consideration to like or dislikes. In fact, dissenting opinions are welcomed….solving Nigeria’s many challenges, or at least not worsening the current situation is going to need all hands – and opinions – on deck.

        It’s just surprising how President Buhari could have gotten so many things wrong when the majority of factors were in his favor.

        PS: Thanks for the ‘like’ though.


  2. Ms Pynk, the Nigerian government has made me tired. I hardly bother these days discussing the nation.


  3. Our president does not know anything and he does not know that he does not know anything therefore he surrounded himself with people that do not know jack. Only a brain dead person will think distributing 5k to a million people in Nigeria is a good idea.

    That is 5 billion Naira right.if you divide that amount by 36 states ,that will be like 138.9 million approximately. Each state will give primary school scholarships to the poorest in their state, will that not make more sense? Or use it to renovate the state’s general hospital or buy medical equipment even if it’s only MRI machine.When daft people are in government the people perish.H


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