Much Ado About Mr. Risky

Hehe so let me start by saying bae made me do this.

On a serious note I have been reading online where everyone has been releasing press release on top of Bob risky’s matter. The issue is that Bob Risky was asked to speak at a Social Media event along side several other speakers who were of the suit and tie persuassion.

While Mr. Risky was not originally included in the list of speakers, he was added on towards the end. The personality  in question is being tagged as a cross-dresser who talks about BAE and all BAE does for him, whilst peddling bleaching cream and a few other things on the side. 
Now lets address something – social media is about the numbers – he who has the higher number of followers has a greater reach- this guy (he identifies with being male)  probably has a higher number of followers than dare I say all the other panelists combined. Forget what you heard, this guy came from obscurity and built himself up thanks to social media. Whether or not you agree with his message is another thing.

It’s one thing to be representing yourself, it’s another  to be representing an organisation or government. For a government which attempts to tell the west or others we are not bigots- we continue to fail and honestly I wish that funding will be taken away across the board from this country based on human rights violations.  

For a private organisation they can practice bigotry to their own detriment, they risk destroying their brand by outrightly refusing to appear at a conference by claiming moral superior ground over another. Personally I would never patronize the consulting firm in question because as far as I am concerned they missed the point which was supposed to be social media. Then again they probably don’t need my business.

Some Nigerians are up in arms about homosexuality and I ask a simple question to be followed by a series of questions. How does someone else’s sexual preference affect you provided it doesn’t have to do with children and other non consenting parties? Do you find all members of the opposite sex attractive? If the answer is no, then ding ding ding every gay man or woman doesn’t want you. Moral decay you say? out society is fraught with corruption – people who steal the entire treasury thinking  they are securing their children’s future ignoring the fact that they are actually threatening it. 

Societies or cultures which tend to practice segregation of genders tend to have high homosexuality rates – it might be closeted but it is very rampant. if in doubt take a closer look.

Bob Risky might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he has built something out of essentially nothing. Like everyone else he has a right  to exist. He isn’t he first cross dresser, or Nigerian man to possibly engage in same sex relations, neither is he the first to sell bleaching cream. With all that said he has a right to exist without his human rights being threatened and his lifestyle choices being judged by Nigerians especially as we have bigger problems.

I honestly  don’t give a sh** who bob risky is brapping for paper and whether he wears brazillian hair  to his toes. He will corrupt my kids you say? Not at all as my children don’t have any business on  social media until they are able to reason and construct proper thoughts and arguments.  

The Nigerian government officials continue to  distract Nigerians with stupid sh**, making gay marriage illegal. How does a person’s  sex life in the privacy of their home affect you? If people choose not to reproduce, how has our ability to reproduce helped us as a country?  .. fix our economy, stop stealing our common wealth, stay out of our bedrooms and address the real issues that matter.

Newsflash: Homosexuals will exist, some of the people passing the law themselves practice it. Everyone deserves to have their dignity  and full human rights. 

America might be the devils playground but it’s citizens an afford to eat and are generally have a chance at a humane life. Nigeria is far from a moral entity, why are we all of a sudden so holy when if judgement actually comes many won’t make it?

PS: I don’t eexpect folks to agree with me on this matter, I just ask we be objective on this.

Yes I am irritated. Drops phone and exits the verbal building.

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  1. Chrisyinks // October 29, 2016 at 10:11 // Reply

    I must be living in another world….haven’t heard about this news item. Nonetheless, you’ve made good points.


  2. Ooo pynk your write-up couldn’t have been more apt.

    Your unbasied view points makes breathing much easier.

    We have totally lost our priorities as a nation. The hypocrisy from the various seats of power is another issue.

    Howdy little Angels.


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