How is everyone? How is your week thus far? As for me I am riding on easy street as far as my career is concerned. With that said, I strongly believe I need a mentor.  Some people do not feel like they need mentors- my husband is a primary example. 
I feel like I need an older woman – careeer professional who can hear me out and weigh in on my minds many concerns and ambitions. Some days I am like heck yeah I am so sure of what I need to do to get doing what I should be doing. Some others days I am like eff it, can I take a double dose of tylenol PM and sleep for 2 days straight without waking up?

I look at my life and I remind myself that I need to set higher goals for myself. This year has been a floozy for me careerwise as I have choosen to do as little as possible and it feels really really wrong. I am used to working and do so much more.

I seem to be gaining clarity on certain things, but the fear of the unkown can be a bit crippling in that I need to get a move on and grab the bull by the horns and just get with the program…I owe myself that much.

How are you doing aspirationally speaking? How do you find inspiration and keep direction? Do you have a mentor that helps you? If you don’t, do you care to have one? Lets talk.


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  1. chrisyinks // October 12, 2016 at 00:38 // Reply

    back in school, so my priority is to gain the best out of the four walls of my institution. Aspirationally speaking, there isn’t much going on…and that is fine for now. Inspiration and direction stems from my understanding of what I want to accomplish and what needs to be done to accomplish those goals. No mentor, tried getting one but it fell through…and I’m glad it did. Like my independence, that’s why I prefer being without one.


  2. “People who seek only success rarely find it, because success is not an end in itself, but a consequence”… So apt, so true!

    On mentorship:
    I’m a fan of mentorship… Even if indirectly.
    What I do is to compartmentalize my life and then get mentors for each compartment. I’ve found that I gain more traction by doing that – especially when going in directions I’m unfamiliar with.

    Take for instance when I reached out to you on career matters… I’ve changed careers now and doing well – thanks for your insights.

    What happened with your school programme thingy you started sometime ago?


  3. At this stage in my life. I will really appreciate having a mentor.

    There is so much running through my mind. Getting an experienced persons to help make sense of everything will be really helpful.


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