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Blog Visitor OC asked us a question which was debated in his/her office a few days ago about parenting.

 Most people actually don’t realise the magnitude of raising kids until they start having them. That being said.

Let’s look at these 2 scenarios:

2 young couples A and B.

Both are average salary earners, both married young and both started a family immediately after marriage.

With their savings, they could only afford one of these 2 options.

1. Use all their savings to have their first child in the US.

2. Use all their savings to invest heavily in property( acres of land in a fast developing area) with the view that within the next 5 years they’ll own their own home and still make money selling the remaining property which will enable them to sponsor their children’s education) and open other sources of business.

They can only do one of the above investments not both.

Now given the current state of Nigeria economy, the falling naira etc.

Which couple do you think made the better financial decision?

Ps: we had this argument in my place of work yesterday.

Which would you recommend they do? I would say they opt for option one reasons are as follows:

1. America is highly unlikely to decline the way Nigeria has eroded in the next 18 years at a minimum.

2. One person can essentially lift the entire family out of poverty- a one way ticket to America and the person can work their butts off and file for family members…its a very long term plan though

3. The Nigerian economy is far too unstable to count any investments as real investments especially if your investment is not in a highbrow area.

4. Knowing what I know about Omoniles and landed property in Nigeria- “it doesn’t worth it”😂😂😂

I am looking at the picture solely from a long term standpoint and actual quality of life stance….please share your thoughts. 


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  1. chrisyinks // October 7, 2016 at 02:37 // Reply

    its difficult to make an actual comparison between the two scenarios…the choices seem to be have been so selected to only stir an argument.

    Several questions need answering. Questions like: how much do they have as their savings? Which developing area – there are only a few investment in residential areas that can yield so much return in so short a period of time.

    No investment is guaranteed to make a return especially when one considers the harsh Nigerian business terrain. Your second choice also assumes that the primary resource needed to start a thriving and sustainable business is the availability of capital – a flawed assumption if I may add. The couple’s, their interests, desires, aspirations, educational level and many other related factors would also play a role in making a decision.


  2. I would go with option 2.


  3. Option 2 still stands a more viable plan despites all the factors to consider


  4. As shallow as i may seem, i agree with option 1.
    Use all their savings to invest heavily in property( acres of land in a fast developing area)
    That statement makes me feel it is the rave for Ibeju-lekki and if I am correct then i doubt that place will be “the future” in 5 years. Too many estates there, i pray they all deliver, If not there will be a lot of disappointed land buyers. If a famous traditional leader could “over sell” his estate and left loads in debt, these unknown developers may head in that direction. Nigerians love to line their pockets, they may not pay promptly to the land owners and those ones will gladly sell up to the higher bidders. Then if it is land on the road, ah those omo niles – a different story.

    So unless this land is in high brow areas which is unlike since the fund in question is for US versus Land then please by all means do the US birth.

    I had my 1st child in the US because it was paid by the company, now oil prices is low so job in this company has ended coupled with Secondary infertility, added IVF costs i doubt i will have the 2nd child when God blesses me in the US. That is practical, but if i didn’t have to pay for fertility treatment i would have so i am must certain the kids have an option.
    Sorry for my rant but this country is worse than our parents time, then they kept saying things will get better. I bought coke then for 50k now its what 100naira? I wonder what it will be in 18yrs time. #mythots


    • Mrs A thanks for the honest write up…i know someone who carried a developer to effcc for apartments purchased in Osborne and its been a year already….as for your situation, the first sibling can always sponsor the others especially as I am assuming the secondary infertility has created an age gap should the country deteriorate beyond what one can handle…and soon number 2 will show up


      • awwwww thanks for your reply…I have friends with such cases in court, nothing is happening oh.
        Yes, at least 7 years difference already. So hopefully 1st can file for 2nd if that option is still available in 2018 ;).
        Sometimes, we think just rough it since we didn’t pay for the 1st and there is still some dollars from the payoff to use. However, that feeling of not having as much to fall back onto scares us, even if most modest 6-8k will be spent.
        Also the thought of adoption which is option B, encourages the thought to have baby here since that baby can’t be born in the US.
        I guess its to sit pretty and assess the situation when the time comes.


        • Siblings will always be able to file for each other – America is all about keeping families together.. if they were to stop anything it would be birth citizenship whi ch I highly doubt as America thrives on immigration….as for fertility I hear Europe is good- EU countries and cost about if not less than Nigeria and with far better success rates…if adoption isnt the first thing in your heart, exhaust your options first


          • Many Thanks for your suggestion, i had been researching cyprus and greece….if siblings will always be able to file for each other then i guess that settles the anxiety.


  5. Ah forever and ever Option 1.

    The opportunities available are endless. I have not collected money from my parents since I was like 17. I got multiple scholarships that covered my undergrad tuition and books, off campus housing, feeding, and still had extra to spend. For my MBA, I worked full time and my company paid 100% of books and tuition. So I went to school for FREE.99

    At least yankee you can work hard and you’ll see results. If scholarship is not an option and you don’t want to take out student loans, you are still ok. Yankee no dey rush school. you can learn at your own pace. Take a semester off, work, get money to pay for next semester. No one will look at you weird.

    In essence there is hope for you with yankee kpali. Naija if your mommy or daddy ain’t connected in pocket or name, omo you can be on a very lonnnnnnnnnng thing.

    I have 2 friends currently battling land matter in court. These are connected people and judgment has been issued in their favor. However, to collect the money na another matter. Buying land in naija is not a guarantee of anything.


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