If Your S.O Did This 

How would you respond if you saw this billboard with your face on it while you are driving through a regular route? And it was placed by your significant other? Would you be elated, offended, embarassed or confused ( those are the four options that come to mind- please pick one or feel free to add your reaction).

I would be embarassed because I am somewhatof a private person and very much an introvert. But this gesture is romantic by Nigerian standards no? Because I find what Nigerians tend to consider as romantic gestures are a bit over the top for me…you nko?

I was watching a snippet of Moments with Mo on BN and they were talking about weddings with a wedding planner. She says it keeps getting harder to plan weddings in Nigeria because you have to top the last one….essentially folks are looking for the wow factor and it got me wondering if we are just an over the top people collectively or there is something else going on? Essence of a wedding is to get married and attempt to stay martied but it seems like the hashtags have taken precedence over that.

So as for the billboard, what are your thoughts? Especially if the money is not an issue! 

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5 Comments on If Your S.O Did This 

  1. chrisyinks // October 1, 2016 at 13:08 // Reply

    I would be a bit of embarrassed and confused. Like you, I tend to be an introvert when it comes to matters like celebrating of self. No matter the availability of money, I would treasure quality time spent together doing anything or everything. However, I expect SO to know me better than choosing to do this.

    Per weddings, I think it is more of making a statement on the social scene rather than what they really desire.


  2. I would be embarrassed, confused, upset. Ermmm we live in the same house, surely you can tell me happy birthday at home without having to spend unnecessary money in these hard times to post rubbish on the highway.

    when people shout, it just seems they are overcompensating for something.


  3. www.thelmathinks.com // October 3, 2016 at 18:31 // Reply

    People that will be offended are the minority. Nigerians, or actually Lagosians are big showoffs. It’s the same reason two people will already know that they’re going to get married, already even planning the wedding sef, but the guy must still do some big elaborate proposal, and the chic will still open her eyes wide like pancakes and start crying… All for the ‘gram.

    Btw naaaa, I’d be so ticked off his my boo did this. It’s my birthday not independence day nau.


  4. This is a no no for me.


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