Karma Maybe?

So if you have read the news, or haven’t read the news, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have broken up. Now I don’t write particularly on Celebrities, but something with this one is Brad cheated On his then wife Jennifer Aniston in 2004 to be with Angelina.

So now that they are splitting up, everyone is yelling Karma up and down as tales of infidelity are circling around….so everyone is essentially singing “oops Brad did it again”- sing it in Brittney Spears voice..😂😂.

A few questions- why do folks expect loyalty and faithfulness if you entered a relationship with someone who was cheating on their partner with you? Or do we all just feel that we are ultimately more special than the prior main lover? Do side chicks/men who become main chicks/men ever have a right to fidelity? And do they actually win? Is getting someone to commit to you no matter how short the period winning?

I ask questions because in Nigeria- many get upgraded from side boo to main boo, and then do mega weddings and one party never stops cheating (well maybe they just pull back for wedding day). 

Many cheats are often unrepentant it seems, especially if they are with people whom they started dating while with previous partners- true or false? Once a cheat always a cheat- true or false? 

And does Karma really happen or these cheats are simply doing what they know or think they can get away with? Or heck is that Karma? I am just asking…..let’s talk.

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3 Comments on Karma Maybe?

  1. Well, I feel it is human nature to feel that individually, we are special and a bit more special than the next party (or cheated partner). Coupled with the fact, that humans tend to be naturally selfish in the sense that they have to meet whatever they define as their basic needs before considering the morality (or consequences) of the approach used to meet those needs.


  2. Dr Phil summed these things up quite nicely on an episode I watched many years ago – a relationship that starts with infidelity will end with infidelity. This is tried and tested; someone needs to make it into a theory or law or something!


  3. I don’t even think this is a case of Karma.Hollywood marriages don’t last, cheating involved or not. In short by Hollywood standards, 12 years is huge.They get bored,they find an excuse and leave.I dare say that this relationship would have ended anyways irrespective of how it started.


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