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​I saw this and thought hard and long about it. Why do Nigerian Christians generally feel like if they haven’tprayed against their enemies they haven’t prayed? Western churches don’t preach against enemies as much if at all. So what gives? Is this practicea carry on from traditional religion? Because in Nigeria poverty and ill luck etc are always attributed to enemies…its never just that maybe its not time for that particular thing to manifest in our lives or that maybe the same God doesn’t want us to have that thing or we are too lazy to work for the said thing?

fellow Africans.. Why do many Christians pray while raining curses on others?? Example: “for all my enemies who wish me bad luck, may thunder strike them”. Why can’t a prayer be said without all the ill wishes on others?? This type of behavior is popular amongst Nigerian Christians…..

Please share your thoughts….


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  1. interesting viewpoint you have // September 12, 2016 at 17:23 // Reply

    after reading your post, it struck me that some people are actually fortunate enough to go through life without having to deal with the level of jagbajantis and yeyerity that some others have had to put up with.
    you think the people praying against enemies set out earlier in life to do so? but when the rain catches up with them mid-journey, they know what time it is!


  2. My pastor said ‘which is more important? Your prayer focus on your self for improvements or on your enemies?’

    This sums it all for me


  3. I Think it depends on the denomination. Orthodox Christians (ie catholics, anglicans) typically do not mention enemies in prayers. ..they just pray for God to keep them safe from all evil.
    Praying against your enemies is more common amongst pentecostals and I think it’s because a lot of pentecostal churches originated from Nigeria/Africa so most of the founders have this deep seated African beliefs that their enemies are responsible for most of their problems.


  4. Its a typical African mentality. It stems from poverty, and laziness. It is also a money spinner for so called men of God who dupe people of their hard earned cash or thise looking for short cut to make it in life.

    It is so disappointing what Nigerians have turned Christianity into.


  5. It is easier to pray against imaginary enemies than take ownership/accountability for failure to succeed.

    I’m not a believer in negative prayer. Prayer is a time of peace for me, I like to keep it that way.


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