Hello September 

S​o what do you know? 2016 is over already as we are in the 9th month of the year. How has your year been? My whole year has been focused on pregnancy and childbirth and frankly i am over it….please don’t mistake this for me not loving my girls…I am just really exhausted.

 I have come to the conclusion that Nigeruans have a lot of kids because help is cheap. Because I cant imagine having multiple kids under 5. The emotional and financial costs are way to high. Anyway enough of that.

Na wa for APC government sha, policies seem to be all over the place and when folks think things are getting bad, they get worse. If Jonathan runs in 2019 he might just win…na only change the change…
All my debtors are still there…I am tired of chasing these folks for my money…they aren’t that many as I have cancelled some onigbeses and deleted them out of my life…if you don’t respect me enough to pay me, I don’t want any sort of relationship with you. 

How has your year been? And how is the rest of it looking? 

I know several people who have moved out of Nigeria based on current happenings and it is starting to look like a good idea…if you know any company hiring in the Maldives or somewhere real nice I wanna go abeg😂😂

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  1. Naija will soon run out of citizens cos the rate at which people want to check out is alarming.

    Family planning measures need to be analysed this period cos the fear of school fees and diapers is the beginning of wisdom.


  2. I hear you on that . My mum had 5 and sasy it was easy because she had a nanny per child 😀

    I hope you get some help sha …pls try for your own sanity


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