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Hey everyone how is it going? I hope you can forgive me. The last two months of my life have been an interesting maze of confusion, love and so many emotions tangled together. My girls have gained about 5lbs each and are doing well as they turned 2 months yesterday.  With twins its hard to get a baby over 6 pounds at birth, and so I am grateful.

You know there is a difference between perception and reality when it comes to dealing with twins. They often cry at the same time, want to eat at the same time, want to play at the same time and God bless them when they don’t poop at the same time- making you wonder whose diaper to change first.

Perception= Matching cuteness overload


The one thing I have discovered is that you cannot die from a lack of sleep 😂. Coffee is certainly worth its weight in gold right now in my life…I am also trying to go back to working- I have to laugh because I go to sleep at maybe 2am and up by 7am and still feel like I have accomplished nothing.

I saw a commenter on BN pray to God for 3 sets of twins and I found myself praying to God not to grant her request as she doesn’t understand the gravity of her request on her sanity- she has obviously not had one child talkless of one set of twins…😲

I have a few half written posts and hope to get back on the wagon soon…


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  1. The Lord is your strength Ma’am….. My neighbor has twin girls who just turned 1 recently, and even for her as a stay-at-home mum, it was crazy. I guess it’s the perception of their cuteness that is the first point of attraction.

    I prayed seriously for twins o (just cos i felt once i have them, i go ‘lock up’ shop as per child-bearing) but I guess God knows why he chose to give me one for now.
    Eitherways I am grateful…..


  2. Cuteness overload i love twins so much but the stress ehnnn, i will survive.
    Two months already!!! How time flies. More Grace and coffee for you Miss Pynk. Lol


  3. Wow! they’re already two months, time does fly. your babies are so cute, they make me want to change my mind on wishing for twins but I know myself so I’ll pray for one at a time.

    You’re doing an awesome job with your babies and I pray for more grace and strength for you.


  4. We understand. Please, take your time. Try and rest when you can. Your labour of love is not in vain.


  5. // September 1, 2016 at 11:21 // Reply

    Time really does fly! Soon we’d be throwing their first birthday party. Miss Pynk I’m booking my invite in advance.


  6. Pele it gets better with time. I appreciate that you are even thinking of the blog. Please take care of yourself, what will we do without coffee??


  7. Cutenesssssss overload. Gosh these gurls gonna be divas.

    Mama twins please take it easy o. Aint easy been a mum at all.
    God bless you and these bundles of joy


  8. Yes yes and yes I still very much want twins (Saying a prayer for baba God to find me hubby, give me twins, while keeping my retired parents alive and healthy).


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