Why are people not willing to accept that everything is not for them? In America you know what you can afgord and tend to stay in your lane. Too many keeping up with the Dangotes in Lagos and folks are just spoiling things for others.

BM PRO posted this below….while her prices may be high for some people (myself included, its not bt force to patronise her…she is very much entitled to receiving her stipulated compensation for a service rendered)! I guess some folks are just a mess.

I also believe she should have called the lady out by name as that one was not considering her privacy wjen she decided to behave so badly.
What would you do under the same set of circumstances?


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  1. Rofl….this is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. The height of ridiculousness. I want to believe she brought out N5000 not N500. NeXT time bmpro should tell her customer the price rate before making the person up.


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