Lacking In Direction

You see whenever I think about Nigeria I just shake my head. When I said we were being governed by Fossils, and people who have no vested interest in the future as they are “quarter to die” – some people took offense. Any body over 60 has less time to live than they have already lived- they are closer to the grave – not many people make it past 100 talkless of 120…the challenge with an older ruling elite especially in Nigeria is that they tend to think they know it all. I was reading an article a few days back about how Portugal I believe it is generated power for 100 or more hours without the use of fossil fuels. Norway seems to be well on its way in terms of phasing out cars that run on diesel and petrol by 2025. The likes of China and America are well invested in clean technology and continue to expand it’s uses and capacity. 

What does Nigeria turn around to to do? We go prospecting for oil in Northern Nigeria. Did anybody consider the payback period for this undertaking? In 20 years I can bet money on it some countries will not use fossil fuels so who are we planning to sell to? 

Lets put things in perspective- the many things that are powered by fossil fuels such as cars and heavy equipment, how many of these do we even produce to have a direct impact on fuel consumption? Or when the likes of Germany decide to produce only electric cars for instance, where does that leave Nigeria in terms of the cars it can import?

It reminds me of the minister who said we are working towards producing pencils locally. In the west, it is possible to exist without using a pen and physical paper on a daily basis so please! “who pencil epp”? You can sign every transaction digitally and likewise access documents. So who is pencil being manufactured for?

When you look at certain investments Nigeria makes as a country you can only shake your head in that they are so myopic and you wonder if no one really thinks beyond the immediate situation and about the future in terms of better value for investments. Then again you must ask what do these said decision makers have to lose as they wont be around to understand the implications of their decisions in the medium term any way.

We chase the current and the past without investing in the future. It has always been said that we are borrowing the world from future generations.

I dare say Nigeria needs a Minister of the Future – however I am almost certain they will find someone who served in 1980 to fill the position and set us back a few decacdes.

Please share your thoughts on whether or not you agree with me. Should we as a government be prospecting for oil in the North? Should we be focusing on things such as pencil production?

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  1. chrisyinks // August 22, 2016 at 07:19 // Reply

    LOL @ ‘I dare say Nigeria needs a Minister of the Future – however I am almost certain they will find someone who served in 1980 to fill the position and set us back a few decades.’ You make a very convincing argument, who am I to disagree.


  2. You couldnt have said it any better Pynk. We not only need the minister of the future. We need minister of “the after life” to ensure these set of politicians do not reincarnate by error.

    Our people perish for lack of knowledge. In this time and age, its pencil we are thinking of.


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