A Certain Type of Responsibility 

Hey folks how was your week? These days as you know mine is a blurr – was having a convo with Hubby about a meeting he atttended…my first adult conversation that doesn’t revolve around diapers and the rest. 
Anyhoots I want to talk about something that bothers me as a blogger. When people go on personal pages and post stuff without consent especially when the reporting of the said “story” can be damaging to the parties involved. If the person is not a public figure, certain information should never be shared on their behalf.

I am writing this because there is a particular story making the rounds about a gay marriage of a Nigerian guy and a white dude in NY. The Nigerian guy never came out to his family, so essentially the blogger did it for him albeit distastefully- I don’t care who sent the pictures, unless the couple explicitly sent it, then the story should never have been published.

Not only were hateful comments the order of the day, his family is also being harassed. This is coming primarily from Nigerians who as we all know are a very hypocritical lot. Now my thing is this simple- Nigerians never chop talkless of bellefull, why the hell do we care about two grown adults who choose to sleep with each other? Homosexuality doesnt equal pedophilia! And why do we as Nigerians not know when to stop? When does private life of non-public individuals become news? Should there be a lawsuit as regards this particular case? To the lawyers does this constitute an invasion of privacy or reckless endangerment?

This story also proved something else- too many Nigerian based sites are copy and paste….I am just saying.


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  1. Chrisyinks // August 13, 2016 at 08:10 // Reply

    I surmise it would be difficult to for the Nigerian dude to successfully prove his privacy was invaded seeing as most (if not all) marriages are public records. Also, It is almost impossible to prove slander since the story isn’t false. You know the stuff they say about idle minds… When one can’t meet his/her basic needs, such person tends to find less wholesome activities to engage in – gossip/rumors tend to be a beneficiary in situations like this. Nature abhors a vacuum, so ironically, the absence of food actually welcomes the sub-optimal use of one’s time and energy. For the dude concerned, nothing is hidden under the sun, he made a hard choice and it came with a lot of backlash, he should just concentrate on reaping maximum gain. Yeah, many Nigerian mainstream blogs are duplicates of one another – little initiative is shown in modifying and creating unique content.


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