Attention Seekers

I found out about a certain type of attention Seekers today….women who love being pregnant because of the attention they get. Yes this thing is real.

As someone who just got done being pregnant six weeks ago to be exact, I can’t understand why anyone would enjoy being pregnant because of attention.  Why, how, when, who? Considering the wide range of effects pregnancy can have on a woman’s body, I find it very strange.

I know people are extra kind to pregnant women – opening doors, making you go first in line , asking what gender the baby is, when you are due etc, but i really cannot imagine getting pregnant because of attention. 

This post came about as a result of someone who at 44 has 11 kids- in America. She claims she doesn’t believe in birth control but ironically whenever any female close to her like her sister or cousin gets pregnant, she shows up pregnant a few months later at best.

And I keep scratching my head to understand the whole thing but I reckoned I would talk about it and see if it is more common than I think.

The twins are six weeks old today and I realise I didn’t know what sleep deprivation was up until recently. I am wondering if its time to get back to Lagis yet, but with these dollar horror stories its debate-able. 


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  1. chrisyinks // August 10, 2016 at 03:15 // Reply

    I still don’t understand the rationale behind this form of attention seeking…I don’t think I ever would.


  2. Home is home. Dollar ish or not. But you’re the lucky one now. I’d give anything to anywhere but here.

    Attention ke? Different strokes for different folks. 😉


  3. Lol, na wah. I love my kids but ah to go through pregnancy for the attention? So how does she cope with the night feeding etc?


  4. Atten…kini
    Puleaase u certainly dont get the desire to be pregnant EVER.
    2 pikin haff do me.

    Baba God I am grateful for your blessings but dont play any tricks o. Im so done y’all.


  5. * I certainly don’t


  6. LOL! Na wa o! With all the pregnancy stress and body changes? Maybe she doesn’t have those.

    Congratulations to your family…babies at 6 weeks!


  7. A big congratulations to you and yours. Apologies for the late message. Just catching up with the e-life after several months away. Hugs and kisses to the Tots


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