Adults Say Some Dumb Things

So since I have had the twins, anytime they go out or I call in for a service for them, I get a few stupid questions…I will humor you with some of the conversations…

Insurance company

Me: I am calling to add my twins to my insurance, their Date of birth is xyz

Insurance agent: do they have the same last name?

Me: i told you they were twins

At that point i was like wayment.

Post Office

Standing in line for passports 

Old Dude: OMG are they twins?

Me: Yes

Old dude: boys or girls

Me: *thinking  they are wearing dresses and headbands- people are taking this gender neutrality sh*t too far*

Passport Agent

Me: I have a passport appointment for my twins.

Agent: oh ok, but how can I tell them apart?

Me: *thinking you didnt even look at them to see first* look at their faces.


Me: I need to book an appointment for my twins

Receptionist: do they have the same father?

Me: to the best of my knowledge they do

Random stranger in store

Stranger: OMG twins, are they natural?

Me: OMG is your single child natural? 

Stranger: I am sorry

Some Guy I know

Some Guy: it must be hard breastfeeding twins

Me: what is your fascination with my boobs and breastfeeding?

Since having twins I realise some people don’t have filters and many just don’t think before speaking. It has been interesting to say the least but sometimes down right annoying when I have to do official documents etc for them. 

How was your week? Hopefully this little post lightens things up for you somewhat. 


10 Comments on Adults Say Some Dumb Things

  1. Hahahahaha you have nice replies for them


  2. Oh yes it did lighten up things. :). ” wonderment” I hope by now you’ve adjusted well enough. Pele. Ndo. Soon, they’ll outgrow this stage, crawl, talk, walk……. it gets better.


  3. chrisyinks // August 5, 2016 at 23:48 // Reply

    Interesting conversations. Yes it did lighten things up.


  4. Lmao…. Epic replies.


  5. Up and about already….duffing my hat for you. You look good

    Eku twins .lol
    Big grin at ” Are they natural? Haba.


  6. // August 7, 2016 at 09:02 // Reply

    Since getting on the internet I realize most people don’t have filters, not even talking about comments but about things I’ve read women say people said to them. The “do they have the same father” question cracked me up. Some years ago I read some research that shows that twins could be fathered by different men, but it’s all so farfetched and simply ridiculous to ask such a question.


  7. favouriteshades // August 7, 2016 at 16:54 // Reply

    I couldn’t stop chuckling

    You and the twins are so beautiful and cute for days


  8. Beaut!
    Can’t help laughing at these questions and the replies. “Do they have the same father?” “Are they natural?” “Do they have the same last name?” LOL. Good night.


  9. Lol…ur response were downright hilarious.. Just don’t sweat it dear. Just unhear… Weldone mommy


  10. Congratulations on your babies, love your blog.
    And this is in the “America” oh….I think the natural question relates to IVF….these days people don’t seem to mind their biz and assume most twins are as a result of IVF. We in the TTC world however are so ready for Gamete Donor whatever to have our babies. I won’t be surprised in a few years if they would start asking if we used egg or sperm donor….People should learn to mind their biz.


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