Rendering Assistance 

This is a post following the Mayowa Ahmed saga…I call it a saga because the poor woman is gravely ill and beyond that ahe gets dragged through the mud for credibility issues and then the folks who discredited her and her family with the exception of one person publicly admitting they may have jumped to conclusions and possibly made a mess of the whole thing. 

I believe organised crowfhnding is one of the best things that has happened to humanity in terms of us reaching out to even people we have never met. While some people exploit others like everything else in life, where does one draw the line especially in terms of expectations?

Do you expect explanations on how the resources you have given to someone are utilised? Or does it vary from circumstance to circumstance? I mean the folks that donated to Mayowa were they making investments or just helping her? Can you argue that they made emotional investments thus her and her family are accountable to the donors? 

I am confused by the whole thing and the general reaction to it. The first few days were phenomenal in terms of folks rallying and donating to the cause. The next few days after just sucked because folks started accusing and pointing fingers and the likes of LUTH were unprofessional in their approach. 

What I am asking is are we truly altruistic as people or we have some undertone of expectations because we have rendered assistance of some sort to someone? I do not believe Mayowa’s team or folks owe anyone an explanation on how the money is to be spent- after all, all they did was solicit for funds irrespective of if she is one foot away from the grave or not based on Doctors unprofessional opinion. While it would have been somewhat gratuitous of them to share their plans for her with the public they didn’t put a gun to anyone’s head to donate to the cause.

As for the NGO who wanted so badly to be acknowledged it seems – I reserve my comment till facts come out on their matter of wanting to be involved because they keep 5% of proceeds. 

My thought process right now is may we never get to the point where we ever have to beg for/ solicit for help publicly and then be ridiculed by the court of public opinion in our time of need. May we also have the grace to give from truly generous hearts whereby we are not filled with mistrust or unrealistic expectations from the receipients of our goodwill.

Please share your thoughts in terms of your expectations on accountabilty under such circumstances and giving in general.

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  1. chrisyinks // August 1, 2016 at 10:11 // Reply

    You may have answered your many questions with your penultimate statement: ‘May we also have the grace to give from truly generous hearts whereby we are not filled with mistrust or unrealistic expectations from the receipients of our goodwill.’ Trust is key to human living and plays a very important role in transactions either business related or transactions associated with goodwill. Essentially, this is why a breach of trust, fraud and associated crimes that delve on sham are tried in courts.

    When one gives for a purpose, it is expected that such monies associated with the giving were meant and would be used to a large degree for the intended purpose. When the intended receiver isn’t honest with the reason for the request, it plays on the intelligence (and goodwill) of the would-be benefactor. Although not prominent, a lot of business and otherwise transactions have a level of trust implicit in the transaction, and when we start to take that for granted, we make transactions unnecessarily difficult to crystallize. You asked for my thoughts…

    I don’t know so much about the save Mayowa cause so I wouldn’t want to delve into any specifics. How’s the little ones Pynk? Do extend my warm regards to them.


  2. // August 1, 2016 at 10:13 // Reply

    I think when rendering financial help to a stranger, you should have no expectations. Just give and remove your mind from there, that’s the way I see it. If you must do anything then let you due diligence be BEFORE you give, not after giving FREELY you come and ask for account.

    That said I only hope Mayowa was shielded from the whole brouhaha. This is the last thing she needs and I hope her family somehow made sure that she wasn’t aware of the whole social media circus.

    OAD I know you said you’re not going to suddenly turn into a mummy and me blog, but it won’t be bad to share a few stories on how you’re getting on with motherhood with us. I think some of your readers might like that. But ultimately the choice is yours.


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