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I keep noticing a recurring trend with the Nigerian healthcare system. People continue to receive care under conditions they are not comfortable with, and on ocassion the end result is fatal. Your health is of paramount importance, why would you accept just any diagnosis or medication as gospel? 
Because someone comes highly recommended also doesn’t mean they will go Well with your personality as a patient. If you cannot be honest with your care provider about yout health history or express your worries, please find a new provider. 

One would think that in this day of Google, many people would know when to ring the alarm or ask their doctors certain questions- or is internet connection only for instagram and facebook? Or wuzzup like some people insist on calling it? I have heard crazy stories – someone told another woman to stick a whole bulb of garlic up her hoo-haa to get rid of an infection (sorry to be graphic) and these are folks carrying gucci and shouting #tbt on insta.

What prompted me to rant like this is I heard of someone who lost an 8 month old pregnancy due to the baby wrapping cord around its neck. The pregnant lady says no one told her to watch for fetal movements daily. She was using a well respected older doctor and I guess along the way she didn’t do her own research or even get curious as to what should be going on in her body…if only she had used a pregnancy tracker app or even done a google search…shey she would have gone in as soon as she felt out of tune? God knows I lived on google my entire pregnancy and still addition to having 3 or so different trackers.

Maybe I am just crazy or I am a master googler…thats how i knew to push my doctor to test me for cholestasis which it turned out I had. I didn’t go to my doctor and teach him his job, but I dropped all the necessary symptoms etc. The fetal specialist wanted to keep my pregnancy till 38 weeks – based on what I researched 36 weeks was the delivery point- after enough back and forth and the gross disadvantages of delivery at 36 weeks we settled at 37 weeks as I was uncomfortable with anything beyond that. 

Point is please if you are not comfortable with a care provider to ask the right or heck any set of questions- please change your care provider…life is very precious.

That’s my 50 kobo for today…I know I have been spastic with posting- kindly forgive me…my hands are very full and my mind is blurry based on scattered sleep and sh*t up sh*t up (according to my mom). I am working on doing better and balancing my life scheduling wise.


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  1. It’s sad that the health care providers are not held accountable. God help you if it’s a consultant you meet, some are I don’t know. I think something that works against us is that the health records can’t be assessed by different members of the health care team in real time . I am sad the lady lost her baby. Am a bit curious if there is more to the story.


    • CC apparently she didnt even know how to track baby movements in addition to dealing with a doctor who had a superiority complex who she didnt ask questions


      • Wow this is serious. I hope she gets past this pain. The health care providers need to be held accountable for their actions in our country,


  2. chrisyinks // July 25, 2016 at 12:29 // Reply

    Well said Pynk, I’d heed to the advice!


  3. Great advice here OAD. While I was pregnant, google was and is still my friend.

    A number of fact checks helped me prevent my baby from having complications. E.g calcification of the placenta.
    I walked into the hospital and asked for an elective cs. I didnt want to be a case study.


  4. Hahahahaaaaaaa @ wuzzup.. As some ppl insist on calling it.Mrs Pynk are you a funny somburri or what… Buh seriously tho the health care system here is unbelievably crazy.. Many avoidable issues that has lead to grevious losses are still happening and these so called charlatans keep getting away with them. I just wonder if there’s ever going to be an end to all of these. Hmmm


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