God Has Left Nigeria?

Sorry I keep typing posts and then losing my train of thought. I was watching a documentary on Frontline PBS today.  Do you realise Boko Haram is one of the deadliest terror groups based on the number of casualties from their activities? ISIS may not even be as bad apparently, as Boko has been operating with a large level of impunity over the years.
The documentary shows underpaid soldiers who are generally underarmed in addition to being drunk half the time attempting to fight Boko. It also shows a few white hands and body parts of “Nigerian” pilots and gunners….further fueling the rumor that the last government hired mercenaries in the fight against Boko boys. I can honestly say I understand partly why the soldiers appear drunk part of the time as no one in their right senses would embark on such for a meagre N60k monthly of which they may only get paid N50k due to some big shot taking a part of the said salary. If you take N2k monthly from 100,000 military men monthly how much is that?

The whole thing is just crazy to me and I am still wondering who the sponsors of the Boko boys are, and how lax the government is about fighting them. You also wonder, if Boko Haram was better equipped what would really have happened to us in Nigeria? I know in Lagos we tend to deflect and say oh it’s a Northern problem but the truth is that its a Nigerian problem…it threatens all our futures.

When folks say God has left Nigeria – I really disagree because despite how many self created and inflicted problems we manage to create for ourselves, we still somehow remain in existence. 

Or what do you think?


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  1. chrisyinks // July 20, 2016 at 05:03 // Reply

    One of the effective means in solving a crime(s) is to trace the money trail. Sadly, with no credible, highly sophisticated and actionable intelligence gathering team, we haven’t had much success on that note. From what I have followed, Boko Haram started as a rogue cell that was armed for electioneering purposes. After elections, and with hunger and neglect pervading their community, they put the arms to nefarious goals. If Boko Haram has to be solved, a lot of political bigwigs have some explanation to do – both for their direct involvement and passive assent.

    Don’t fret, God hasn’t left Nigeria – I have his address.


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