I can’t Imagine 

So with one set of twins and some help I am tired most days….How do some people have 10 kids? Or even folks that have multiple sets of multiples? Some blessings I don’t pray to tap into at all. This woman must be royally sleep deprived and in a perpetual state of confusion sha….3 sets of twins in 26 months….her story is here 

I bend my yansh for her sha…I dont think I have slept five straight hours in 3 weeks….my current fantasy is that I sleep for 24 hours and no one wakes me up…welp.


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  1. Lol. I agree with you, there are some blessings you don’t tap into. But when I had my first child, I wished I had twins so I wouldn’t go to the labour ward again. But then the stress of nurturing one child is enough….. I don’t envy you oooo. 🙂

    Hubby said he wants one more child but when I think of the stress associated with pregnancy, birth and nursing…….. hmmmmmph!


  2. lol.. That picture tho.

    I’ve always wanted to have triplets once and get child bearing over with but these days, every mommy I meet tried to convince me of what a bad idea it is..lol

    I hope you get to live that fantasy real soon or at least a form of it.


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