Pizza & Burger 3

Sorry it has taken a little while to get this post up. So this is the third part of my pregnancy Journey – third trimester to be precise. Anyway I was busy minding m8t business by this point and thats how the pressure in terms of weight oh. I think I started this trimester with a 40lb weight gain which was mostly belly – I had to get a back brace – found one on amazon for a good price and started wearing.

Week 31 or 32 I think

I had also had the delivery otpion discussed with my dr at this point and we had scheduled an elective section for 38 weeks 1 day. I find the subject of sections vs natural birth amongst Nigerians to be a sensitive topic with folks often being disrespectful of Women with sections – I say do that which gives you peace and ensures the maximum safety of all involved. My babies also started getting weight approximations during their ultrasounds at this point.
They went from turn up and turn down to action Jackson (AJ) and Gentle Giant(GG)(hubstar did the naming this time) because of their movements and size. Gentle giant which is baby B was nested on my right rib cage and Action Jackson was pelvis chilling but forever doing back flips and all sorts. Somedays I had to wonder if GG was still alive because no movement- baby was a master chiller and was easily half a pound bigger than AJ baby A.

One significant thing that happened – all thanks to reading Dr google and all the pregnancy apps was that i noticed my feet would itch like crazy at certain times or during certain activities. By week 32 and no relief in sight, I made sure I told my GYN and even exaggerated it so they could test my blood….a week or so later I was told I had mild Cholestasis  (bile leaking from liver into bloodstream and can cause stillbirth after 36 or so weeks as the bile will get to the placenta- even though risk is like 2 in 100,000 or so. By this point I had to start seeing the Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM – its not just a church😂) Specialist for more stress tests on the twins and fluid checks in addition to growth scans. I was totally over this whole pregnancy at this point…I felt like my life was a whole series of Doctors appointments. The MFM was the one who would direct the GYN on the best time to deliver the babies since they were specialised in multiples.

My birthday was exactly week 36 of pregnancy and with the diagnosis I wasnt sure if I wanted to be undergoing major surgery on my birthday, but I also didn’t want to put my children at risk of stillbirth. 38 weeks section was already scheduled and I was uncomfortable waiting that long even though I was on meds to manage the mild cholestasis – my dad asked why they couldn’t do the section on 4th of July (Independence babies – lol- 😅- hospital doesn’t schedule surgery for public holidays I had to explain to my old man). I also wanted June babies sha I wont lie…

After enough discussion with the MFM who refused to recommend 36 weeks gestation section – she explained the risks for higher NICU (Neonatal ICU) time and latching problems at 36 vs 38 weeks etc ….We all opted to go at 37 weeks for everyone’s safety. You would think at this point AJ would be cooperative and would have positioned head down – for where? Child of mine wasn’t having any of it…baby was giving us butt first oh.

Oh at almost week 35 my amazing SIL had a very lovely baby shower for me. When I say my children are beyond favoured – it is not remotely an exaggeration- what we have had to buy for them is probably not up to a quarter of what we have received in the form of gifts for them. The level of grace is beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Almost 35 weeks

I drove throughout this trimester, cleaned my apartment myself etc. I believe i gained a total of 60 pounds by the time I was ready for delivery. I had no water breakage, mild braxton hicks, mild cholestasis but no real complications for a twin pregnancy. My BP was very very low on the good side of normal even. If they had left them for 40 weeks my babies would have stayed. I also stopped eating Pizza daily and couldnt stand burgers anymore by 34 or 35 weeks.
And oh the most interesting part of the pregnancy we didn’t know the genders and waited to find out during birth – so we had 3 combinations of 4 names – 2 female names and 2 male names ready. Both fathers picked unisex twin names for their middle names so that worked. The MFM did slip up at about 26 weeks though when she couldn’t tell if there were two different Placentas or one – and we didn’t know if they were fratenal or Identical as both were the same gender.

Maternity shoot evening before delivery 37 weeks

What say you? Two Boys or two girls? I was still kind of holding out hope for one of each gender at delivery….lol.


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  1. Two beautiful Girls!!!!!!! Lol. Congratulations once again Miss Pynk. AJ and GG, what a name.


  2. Pregnancy looks great on you. I wish you have ur heart desire o. Boy n geh.

    But i predict 2 beautiful angelic girls.
    Goodness, they will be cute for days.
    It is well with you and all that concerns you
    U r in my prayers.


  3. chrisyinks // July 8, 2016 at 05:37 // Reply

    Pregnancy sure does look great on you. Congratulations once again.

    Just curious, do you think the medical care in America justifies the cost as compared to other developed nations in Europe and elsewhere? Many articles say the American healthcare tends to be excessive with the attendant fact of incurring more cost as against the prudent but effective healthcare in European nations.


    • Chris I cant really answer that question, but the costs are seemingly higher and better is relative. The NHS which was often though to be a good health care say seems to be falling apart. American healthcare is expensive though and frankly one is better off being “poor” as public insurance aka Medicaid covers mosts procedures fully while private paid insurance rarely seems to


    • Well it depends, as much as the cost is lower in Western Europe, America offers more research and so you have better options. However you have to be your own advocate and you are restricted to the ‘network ‘ which doesn’t happen in some European countries.


    • chrisyinks // July 10, 2016 at 16:47 // Reply

      Many thanks Pynk and Cc.


  4. @Chrisyinks My thought is Western Europe have better medical care as far as you have an insurance. But the insurance isn’t outrageous because of the social welfare system that is practised. So far as you have a job, no matter the level you’re covered and get the best too


  5. Congratulations, once again! You’re blessed already. God is just amazing! You’re under His watch and He’ll perfect all that concerns you and yours.


  6. Oh you and your babies are blessed Mme. Pynk…such a beautiful pregnancy story. Whatever sex they may be, I pray you have healthy and beautiful babies.


  7. Congratulations Ms Pynk! Glory to God.


  8. Hahahaa@action Jackson… And forever doing back flips… Rib cracking comment.
    Ps..u look soooo good. Pregnancy sure agrees with you on all levels


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