Pizza & Burger 2

So you should have read part 1 by now. All I remember about the beginning of my  second trimester is feeling relief. The fatigue disappeared overnight literally and same way  bump appeared. By 12 weeks I had at least 5 pregnancy apps on my phone and thanks to all these I knew when it was right to announce pregnancy if we wanted to.

I was going to a lab regularly to get my scans and doctors opinions regularly enough too. Then over reading had me seeking out first trimester testing as recommended by all the said apps. That was how I called two of the biggest labs in Lagos to get non-invasive testing done only to find out nobody offered it and the one lab that bungled a simple swab test at about 8 weeks in told me they offered amniocentesis.  I was like God forbid – I wasn’t risking a miscarriage over incompetence I am sorry.

I looked at my husband at 14 weeks and simply asked if me being in Lagos was of any significance, and we decided even if it meant working and earning less -the health of all parties was paramount. As I already knew having the Babies in Lagos was not remotely an option and I had easy access to very good heathcare – I dusted (well pulled out is more like it) off my Blue Pali – found a ticket and respected myself and exited the scene at 14 weeks. 

I started my Ajala in London for a week as my BIL turned 40. We sorta annouced to his cousins and extended family. My belly was quite visible at this point. The thing with a twin pregnancy is that your body is like 2 months ahead of a regular pregnancy. After which I made my way to the States. 

15 weeks heading to America

Anyway during the second trimester i continued my pizza and burger habit with only my belly growing. Winter wouldn’t allow me to be great -spent more time indoors even though i got my car and was feeling like a superhero – had strength all of a sudden.

I got around to addressing the things I had ignored over the years- filed my taxes -paid the IRS etc, got myself medical insurance etc for the duration of pregnancy. Then the struggle to find a doctor who I liked that would accept me at 16 weeks…found one and didn’t  like them- I walked out in tears out of frustration. One thing about me is that I don’t believe in managing a care provider- if I don’t like you, it won’t work. I found a Doctor whom I liked after pretty much going to the hospital on a whim. So I called his office and was told they weren’t accepting new patients- after enough politeness i had an appointment at 18 weeks after I drove everyone crazy.

At my first appointment with Dr G he told me I was high risk because I was over 31 with twins..I was like but 35 is high risk, apparently 29 with triplets is high risk self. My care had to be shared with a fetal maternal specialist- thus began the growth scans and multi doctor appointments.  

All in all this trimester was my best energy wise till i hit about 26 weeks and the weight started bearing on my back. I had to buy a back brace but otherwise uneventful trimester and my clothes still fit. I ate pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner most day so I renamed the babies Turn up and Turn down based on their fetal movements. 

26 weeks trying to load the washer

I think i had gained 30 pounds at the end of the second trimester. 

Part 3 is coming soon.


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  1. Am soo excited for you


  2. congrtas dear…


  3. What more can I say? 🙂 God bless you and your lovely little ones.

    You’re so lucky you were this fair at this stage.


  4. Turn up and Turn down??? Lol congratulations once again and pregnancy sure suits you


  5. chrisyinks // July 4, 2016 at 20:39 // Reply

    Congrats once more!


  6. can somone volunteer to help me out with an analysis i needed to do?


  7. // July 7, 2016 at 10:18 // Reply

    OAD I’m so overjoyed. Congrats to you and the hubstar. This kind of news gladdens the heart, those babies are going to be the cutest thing everrrrrrr!


  8. OMG! There’s a bump picture! I’m so happy! I’m even shy! Lol. You looked great.


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