Pizza & Burger 1

Haha, are you hungry yet? So funny enough this is my pregnany diary. We decided to wait for a year before trying for kids as we both just wanted to live a little. Well many times we say things and don’t realise how much we prophesy into our own lives. Technically we waited out 16 months from our “real” marriage (registry) and 12 months from our ceremony. When you say you want to try for kids after a certain age, I dont think you are thinking ok day one and we are preggers…lol.Anyway that maybe exactly what happened- it took about a month to figure out we were pregnant, and another three weeks for it to sink in…between blood test and scan at what was dated as 7 weeks…Ironically it was the monday after my BILs one year memorial. Google will make you do many things – it convinced us to go in for a scan to make sure we were really preggers.

Forget the nonsense they show on TV, pregnancy varies from person to person. We went for a scan for several reasons – I went from being active to being dizzy when I drove, from getting out of bed daily and working, running around and networking etc to not wanting to get out of bed. If fatigue could kill, I would have been dead by now. I never threw up for a day. I was worried something else was wrong with me, maybe ectopic pregnancy or something hence the fatigue…the kind that also included no sleep whatsoever.  I was almost in tears from a lack of sleep and just feeling useless in general.

I noticed my appetite was generally zero but somehow we ended up at crust and cream i think its called for hubstars Uncles bday and I decided to order a pepperoni pizza and that was the beginning of wahala at I think 5 weeks. I ate the whole pizza without any issues and was begging for more. Lol. I think my husband agreed to take me back for pizza since we hadn’t yet told anyone about the pregnancy. Another day at 6 weeks I think it was we went out for lunch and I ate a whole burger and asked for a second one…

At the scan the doctor said yes she sees a heartbeat and all that good stuff. So she goes congratulations your pregnancy is viable – she goes on to explain the parts etc. Then she puts away the scan wand since she did a TVS vs a transabdominal scan – Dr google tells you thats the best way to view baby that early so we requested that.  As I was getting ready to get dressed and slide of the table with my husband helping – she asked for my age again I tell her – she goes let me take a look again at your uterus.  So she keeps scanning and my husband and I are looking at each other and I notice his face goes stoic…then she says oh it looks like another heartbeat 😂. ..that might explain the extreme fatigue. I am like excuse me? We came to check on heartbeat and you are telling me it is two? So she goes on to say many pregnancies start out as twins but one falls off especially in women over 30. So after 5 minutes she goes – both babies are the same size and have strong heartbeats – congratulations. My husband is still quiet at this point. Then he tells her to please check again! LMAO.

Throughout my first trimester I only agreed to eat pizza and was bad enough that my husband was probably on hellofoods everyday ordering pizza and burger for me as my taste buds were shot and I could barely even taste the food I was cooking in the house. Hence the emergence of pizza and Burger in my house mostly from Samanthas in Ikoyi. You would think I gained weight at the 12 week mark but I think I had successfully dropped down by about 2kg at that point. First trimester for me was about fatigue,  extreme fatigue and questioning maybe we should have waited an extra year but then came to the conclusion that either way we should count our blessings. We opted to make the announcement to family only at 7 weeks right after we confirmed the pregnancy and my BILs memorial to give us all something joyful to look forward to. I also opted not to discuss or post about it on here for several reasons -its my first pregnancy (while we always hope for the best,  its easier not to have to explain if it turns out bad), secondly this is not a lifestyle blog (at least I think I try to bring up significant issues without making them all about me) and thirdly i figured I could dedicate 3 or so posts to each trimester after they are born.

Thus began the pizza and burger journey and the naming of the babies pizza and burger😆- everyone in my life has a nickname its my specialty. 

Parts 2 and 3 to follow.


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  1. Lol @ pizza & burger…..
    Lol @ your husband asking the Dr to check again…
    Mine was also a relatable experience. we were seriously praying for twins, then we went for a scan and we were told it was a singleton, my husband asked the Dr ‘why, is it that it’s too early to see the 2nd twin?’ Lmao!! The Dr and I laughed our hearts out and the Dr told him ‘better luck next time’.


  2. And the smile on my face kept getting bigger as I read. 🙂 Congrats, again! How wonderful God is…


    • chrisyinks // July 4, 2016 at 20:39 // Reply

      Exactly how I felt while reading this piece. Many congrats Pynk. Earnestly looking forward to columns that are authored by the twins.


  3. Congrats, so happy for you. Been smiling all through.


  4. Yaaaaay, this is interesting and I love the series, lol… please part 2 ooo, congratulations miss pynk, God bless u.


  5. Congrats again. I’m so happy some one while think I know you personally. Waiting patiently for 2 and 3


  6. Congratulations!!!!!
    I admire your journey….


  7. Congratulations Mme. Pynk….nice nicknames. Big congrats to you and yours!


  8. Lol @ pizza and Burger… congratulations Miss Pynk, oh how I love love love Twins.


  9. Awwww congratulations so excited for you… And TWINS!!!! Oh wow


  10. OH MY GOD!!!
    Congratulations Miss Pynk! I am so happy…TWINS!!! Jesus is Lord abeg

    Please pardon the caps abeg but TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could just weep right now…

    Babies; plural

    okay, I really should go now or I’ll keep typing for hours.

    Babieeeeeeeeees! *somersaults*

    Okay bye

    Beautiful new babies!


  11. Congrats dear, this is such great news


  12. OMG! Two! Wow! Congratulations!


  13. Wait o! You ate the whole box of pizza?! LOL. Now that’s something!


  14. Yayyyyyuuy. Its soooo amazing going tru this journey with u. Remain blessed


  15. TWINSSSSSS! Congratulations Ms Pynk! Oh my days….
    This is already so beautiful, just reading this. The pictures would be cuteness overload, just like this blessing overload rn.
    God guard and protect you and your babies, and grant you a stress-free delivery


  16. awwww, TWINS!!!!…..congrats ma’am


  17. Congratulations Mrs Pynk!!!
    I wish you a graceful preggies journey..


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