​Given the current administration’s drive to prosecute looters of public funds from the GEJ administration most especially,  I have made several observations and seen certain things…because of the dating and posting of this material I will make some general statements.

1. No member of the ruling APC party has been prosecuted.

2. Silverbird was not taken over by AMCON in 2016, contrary it was taken over in or at least before the year 2015. So why put a sign outside in 2016 – to send Ben Bruce a bigger message?  Prior to this – people patronised the place without knowing it was AMCON managed…if there is less patronage here, should we expect more patronage at the cinemas and stores located in ACTIS owned malls (Palms) which have ties to a former Lagos state governor who is a member of the ruling party? If yes how does AMCON expect to recoup the loan if business slows down?

3. Why is Fayose such a comedian? Why would Zenith Bank fund his campaign to the tune of N2 billion? What exactly would they be gaining from his state from a business perspective?  If you are going to tell a lie at least try and tell one that is worth investigating. Zenith is licensed from  Federal parastatal – they have more to gain by funding a presidential election, not a state level one where the governor is drinking Moet and eating Iyan at a buka as part of his duties.

4. If PDP had done what APC is currently doing, could they have ever come to power?

5. Would it have been in the country’s best interest for PDP to have executed number 4 with no credible opposition in the country?

6. If there is no credible opposition come 2019, the country is subjected to a one party state by many means – this one party which also has several questionable characters.

7. If every politician or previous office holder being prosecuted decamps to APC what will EFCC do with themselves? Nigerians afterall are known to engage in survival of the fittest  games…so what would give at that point?

I make many of these statements as a mere observer and ask many of these questions as a citizen of Nigeria…which way forward on the corruption fight?  Are we going to be subjective or objective in terms of who is going to face the music? And who is the lead singer of this band?

Please feel free to share your thoughts…

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  1. You know eh, as all this was unfolding I kept checking your blog, then came Brexit. Patiently waiting


  2. chrisyinks // July 4, 2016 at 20:37 // Reply

    Analyzing Nigeria’s case defies logic and basic assumptions of how a good society should be run.


  3. Ms Pynk has said it just the way it’s been on my mind.


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