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So I watched the video of the New Olori of Ife speaking at a function for women and how she literally bungled gender equality- talking about marriage and wanting to be a man (I wont bother posting it here, its just absurd). I was annoyed because I feel like someone who has an opportunity to be a voice for many just went and bungled the show. What does wanting the same set of civil rights with men have to do with marriage? Likewise why do some women have to attempt to take us backwards 10 steps?

If you look very well at Nigeria, there are at least two Nigerias – the portion where  men are enlightened enough to treat their female children the same as their males and the other portion where the females are overlooked in favour of the males. If you are fortunate enough to come from the first set, then you may not be aware of the consequences of gender inequality.

Many women become mothers – continuity of society is based mostly on women and their ability to care for their kids in many more ways than people believe. If you find a marginalised woman, better believe that her kids are likely to be in the same or a worse off position. That said if these women had equal access to education, wages and many other things, we would raise a better society.

Saudi Arabia is a prime example of gross gender inequality and it is reflected in their society and development. Despite being a wealthy economy (which is really subjective these days), the country is stuck in a mono economy and has supressed half of its productive population simply because they are women…any society that supresses a gender is half baked or less in terms of actual development and productivity – pull out countries and examine them for yourself.

If you fail to give women equity in society you can never have a thriving economy in the true sense of it. Folks need to stop mixing up gender equality and domestic gender roles….

I am also tempted to throw shade at her based on her alleged reputation but I will keep my mouth shut…

What are your thoughts on gender equality? Please feel free to express them if they are contrary to mine.


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  1. // June 19, 2016 at 12:02 // Reply

    Folks need to stop mixing up gender equality and domestic gender roles…. Thats all. Thank you OAD.


  2. chrisyinks // June 19, 2016 at 22:56 // Reply

    When OAD has said it all…


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