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Hey everyone, how is the going going? As for me right now I am just tired from overthinking and over reflecting. I am wondering about the state of the world we live in and how easily hatred thrives. From the highest rungs of society to the lowest rung….all the people killed in florida at the gay night club- 49 lives just because someone who is also being alleged to have homosexual tendencies decided that he was to play destiny fulfiller.

I am tired of seeing Donald Trump’s orange face talking smut every other day. I am tired of seeing Obama being tired of the gun laws. I am tired of APC in Nigeria declaring recklessly what they will do. I am tired of hearing the likes of Buhari’s spokes people just making utterances at will without being held accountable.  I am tired of them blaming the previous administration because frankly while the GEJ administration has been far from stellar, they have been in office for a year.

Tired of EFCC telling us what they have seized without proper legal proceedings and bunglings…the partiality in their prosecutions – some people in this current administration need to be under scrutiny also.

It is 6 days to my birthday and I am not in the least bit excited- I need to find the gratitude within me for being allowed to see another year irrespective of the circumstances. I am really just tired right now.

Please feel free to tell us what you are tired of right now…ranting is allowed on this post…


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  1. I’m tired of waiting forever for debtors to pay. I’m tired of being without PHCN electricity for three weeks now. I’m tired of what Nigeria has become. I’m tired of the bad roads the rain keeps making worse. I’m tired of the constant increase in price of almost everything. I’m tired of nurses being reminded to do their job. I’m tired of being tired. However I’m happy and grateful to God, hubby is in a better health condition. Reason for my silence and infrequent pop-ins.


    • chrisyinks // June 19, 2016 at 23:04 // Reply

      Wish your hubby the best of health condition in the shortest time possible.

      Tired of a lot of things – Nigeria’s state of affairs for the major part. Sincerely hoping that God steps in His own way. RIP to those who died in the Orlando gay shooting… may God give comfort and the fortitude to their loved ones. Hope America once again rise to adopting better societal measures to the prevalence of guns.

      Happy Birthday in advance OAD.


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