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Hi everyone, hope your week is rounding off well? I was just thinking about something- as women we are often so busy taking care of others that we forget to care for ourselves in terms of the physical and emotional. So I am asking what do you do to pamper yourself? And if the cost of tomatoes and forex weren’t issues what would you rather do?

I will go first – right now the height of pampering for me is washing my hair 2x a week on weeks that I can keep up. I like luxurious products like Shea Moisture which can cost a grip if you wash your hair as much as I do – I run through about  $30 worth of products bi-monthly (sulphur free shampoo, rinse out conditioner, and leave in conditioner). With this price tag,   I learnt how to do every other wash as a co-wash with a $2 conditioner from Sauve which ends up helping to stretching my shea moisture products to maybe 4 months. I also oil my scalp every other day instead of everyday to save on costs in addition to using regular castor oil (mixed with the same cocounut oil I whip my skin shea butter with) as opposed to Jamaican Black Castor oil (it’s half the price and seems to work just fine). At least my hair has gone past  armpit Length even though I am only going to be two years natural on June 19 this year.

As for external pampering I prefer to have someone else do my manicure and my pedicure…I am very particular about products used  – either OPI polish or Essie or Sally Hansen. Nothing else touches my nails even when I self manicure in the weeks leading up to a salon visit. If I was balling I would probably have a Manicure and pedicure done every week.

My next pamper activity would be a hot stone massage at least once a week. I actually stuck with this when I had a high stress well paid job that required me to work 60 hours minimum weekly – budget weeks were 90 hour weeks; get to work at 9am and leave at 3am the next day and I never in those moments felt over worked. I have tried this hot stone in Lagos at least 2x and let me tell you they tried to take all my money…so I had to abandon the idea.  Lol.

Shopping has never done much for me emotionally – when I buy new stuff I tend to go right back to the old stuff so i don’t really bother myself anymore…I just buy the things I need and move on.

If not for forex and tomato prices aka expenses what pampering activities would you prefer to engage in?


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  1. Honestly won’t mind a massage monthly. For now i’ll take once a quarter.

    love getting my hair done in the salon, especially the washing of hair part. its like a head massage. For now I only go in once in 4 months when I go in for a relaxer. Rest of the time I just do it myself (wash every week)

    couldn’t be bothered with finger nails. gel nails suck and regular polish chips. so just get pedicures.


  2. Oh God, what I need now is for someone to have my son for about a day or at least four hours, then for me to go to a spa and have all the “doables” done. I’ll also throw in a thorough foot scrub as I suffer from really painful corns that seem to grow back every one or two months. Then I’d really love a full body massage- errrr, how are heavily pregnant people massaged seeing as they can’t lie on their stomachs?
    But I’d love to have my son in front of me as soon as I step out of this pampering session, any later and I’d miss him terribly and probably be left feeling guilty….


  3. Wow, if the cost of Tomatoes wasn’t so bad, I would take my self on a mega shopping spree. Not balogun suffer head market kind of shopping o. I mean a well organized boutique.

    Alas, I wake up.

    Pampering for me is having a full body massage and having a chef serve me anything of my choosing while I relax listening to jazz.

    Then I also don’t mind reading an incredibly amazing book while sitting by the pool side of a lovely hotel/resort (no noise and loud music please). sipping my wine and of course not having the kids around to stress me.

    This basically tells me I need a vacation.


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