Hey everyone, hope the week is coming along? I have been up on the news and just reading and stuff. I noticed the Nigerian President is seeking medical treatment for an ear ailment abroad and it had me thinking about something.

Should public officials be allowed to seek treatment overseas? I ask this because they are the ones essentially in charge of administering social services to the populace, so if it is not good enough for you, why is it ok for the people whom you govern?

Can we argue even if the president or any other high ranking official seeks to be treated using their own private funds in hospitals outside of Nigeria? I ask these questions because the lines between private funds and public funds remain extremely blurry in Nigeria. 

America which has an advanced but expensive medical system in comparison to some European countries; you never hear of Barak Obama or other high ranking public officials going to seek treatment in Canada or Japan…or Canadian Prime minister going to seek treatment elsewhere.

I am starting to wonder if this trend of seeking treatment allows Nigeria’s leaders to detach themselves from a lot of the social services they ought to be providing for the common man..if you don’t have to use a system,  there is no incentive to develop that system so what gives?

Just thinking out loud, what do you think?


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  1. If you to have to use a system there’s absolutely no incentive to improve/develop it. This seeking treatment abroad by government officials is not new soo. Our leaders have no shame.


  2. Don’t mind the useless leaders.
    Julius Berger built aso rock. God forbid Germany wants to destroy naija, they have the map in their hands.

    Seeking medical treat mentioned they will just implant a chip.

    Left to me, it would be a criteria for so called leaders to only seek medical in the country, their children must attend naija schools and the list goes on


  3. Dankje voor de aalignlvnu! Las in het NRC van vrijdag 6 mei dat het eigenlijk om een geheime stealthy helikopter zou gaan. Geen idee wat daar van te denken.


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