Honeymoon Phase


This post is kind of funny…so if you know much me, you will know that I am not exactly chef le cordon bleu. I can cook but I am not even sure off the top of my head how to cook things like efo riro or efo ilasepo etc.  I prefer to eat them when someone else cooks them…

I never learnt to cook from my mom- I kind of just learnt along the way – used my imagination etc. When I was in secondary school i used to sleep when my mom was cooking – outside of stew and maybe curry I don’t think I knew how to cook anything else till i got to college. Learnt to cook because it was cheaper than buying ready made food.

Anyways I don’t really cook to please anyone – more like I experiment with food and look for people to feed. Lol. Of course when I started dating my husband maybe about 2 months in, after calculating how much he had spent on eating out – my love for sushi has no bounds (imagine the gbese in naija), i pretty much decided to experiment my cooking skills on him.

I made Paella, carbonara, jerk chicken and pork, curry, lasagne all the mede medes as Nigerians would say…lol. thanks to delis in VI i found most of my ingredients. I make stuff like coconut fried plantain – dip sliced plantain in eggs, flour and grated coconut seasoned mixture and fry it….lol dont ask.  Today my husband accused me of washing him 😅 since he has been cooking the last few days….he jokingly said i tricked him with food – and I am like dude I was bouyant – “dollar haf gone up” we gotta adjust…..lol.

I have been thinking of making stew in America and I just find it easier to order food. I need to stop eating pizza and food from my sister in laws house.😅 I always wonder about people who can cook everything and do it effortlessly – I am looking to eat from Joes crab shack for my birthday – Imagine unlimited crabs with good seasoning….

So my brother has been having mini sushi gatherings at his house…so I am trying to learn how to roll sushi and sashimi…yeah maybe we will have a sushi party soon if I can get it right….

Please if you are an olowo shibi (spoon hand) – i need simple and easy meal suggestions before my husband wakes me up in the middle of the night to lawyer this food matter😅.


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  1. Lol. My own is even coming up with menu self. I feel like I should take a couple of menus from different restaurants and start recreating things on the list


  2. I’d love to try sushi, I’ve never had it before and have passed up opportunities in the past to try it ‘cos of the raw fish thingnie but I’m more open to experimenting with food these days and will try it as soon as I can locate a quality Sushi restaurant – so it’s not jinxed on my first try.
    I’m a very good cook myself and I love to experiment with food but that your coconut plantain is sha the height of creativity, haha!
    I’m not sure what you’re asking though, the meals you’ve listed you make are not what I’ll call “easy” o: Lasagne, jerk chicken etc… My meal plans and anything I can suggest will really be a mix of staple Nigerian meals eg rice meals, yam meals ( pottage, yam and vegetables, yam and egg sauce, roasted yam and palm oil sauce for boli), bean meal ( moi moi, beans and plantain etc), soups for swallow, and a bit of foreign easy meals like Meatloaf and potatoes, cottage pie, mash and a chicken or fish dish, to mention a few. My menu really kinda revolves around meals like this but I like to make a plate look nice with veggies or some sort of garnishing- it’s just a thing I like.

    Or, when in doubt, scroll by wivesconnection.com for meal plans and recipes or check out All Nigerian Recipes blog, that Flo literally cooks EVERYTHING Nigerian I swear: Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo- she’s there.


    • Judy not all sushi is raw oh…thats a general misconception…its rice and mostly avacado, seaweed and cooked shrimp or lobster or cucumber. I will try wives connection


  3. Being in the kitchen these days does not give me joy.

    I wish my husband was a chef.

    What a great thing that would be, but the guy will do anything but kitchen chores.


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