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Hi everyone how are you? I hope you had a good holiday weekend between Nigeria and America? Nigeria celebrated Democracy day on Monday while America celebrated Memorial day. There was a clear distinction between both in that one government seemed to be prepared and knew what it was to represent and the other seemed to be grasping at straws….if I talk matter no go finish.  As for Buhari’s 1st year accomplishments I will keep shut for now and on a day i can’t take it anymore I will talk.

So June is upon us. We are six months into the year. Have you taken inventory of your life? I kind of sort of have – mostly in terms of my debtors sha. Workwise it has been a slowish year as I opted to put hustling on the back burner for the year and give my attention to a different kind of project. And while I have gained plenty of perspective on myself and my appendages (such as marriage), I realise that I have a lot less financially but things seem to sort themselves out. I hope to be back to hustling hard by next year at the latest….I call it hustling because my spirit is a can do one…I will do almost anything minus fraud, prostitution, human trafficking, drug running etc…I prefer the legal life.

That said June is my favourite month of the year and it starts now. It’s my birthday month, my actual wedding anniversary (registry -2 years drama free) and my parents anniversary month. I am also hoping it becomes more than those two things. Last June was a blast as I convinced my husband that everyday in June is my birthday – at least till the 20th sha. Lol. Funny thing is I cannot be convinced to have a party no matter how excited about June I am. Kind of weird- this year I think I want an Iphone, Iwatch, Imac (does this exist), Ipad, Icar – Ieverything – why? I really don’t know it just sounds good and if not a nice property in I-koyi would suffice. 😆. I hear a lot of property disposal is going on in Lagos and Abuja for a fraction of previous costs…folks are desperate.

Anyway how is your June looking?  And what are you looking forward to this month?

PS: I always think about this site, but most times watching yoruba movies on youtube wins over typing a post….dont judge me. Lol.


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  1. chrisyinks // June 1, 2016 at 05:43 // Reply

    Hello June. Happy celebrations OAD!


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