May We Never


May we never be led to slaughter…our own slaughter that is. One thing that seems very prevalent with domestic violence cases in Nigeria is often family intervention. ..the negative kind. When a woman especially tells her family she is done with a relationship- she is often coerced or convinced to go back and work things out either by her family or his family.  It takes really strog conviction to walk away from a sour relationship in Nigeria. I remember when I broke off my first engagement in 2010 – his mom called me and tried to talk me through and tell me he would change – the situation was not  even physical, I wouldn’t even term it emotional abuse – dude was just takig the piss and thought he was doing me a favor and one day i just told myself he rest of my life is too long for this sh*t and I called things off. One gift that i have is my stubborn streak – while it has lead to my demise in several settings – it has also saved me a lot in terms of avoiding a miserable life. The one person I respected during my whole ordeal was my father – despite all the deposits he had made- he never for one day questioned my decision,  neither did he ask me to attempt to work things out. He simply asked if I was sure of my decision.

No relationship is worth anyone’s life – male or female. We need to do better as human beings when it comes to domestic violence. Mr or Mrs is not a fulfilling title when you exist in misery and danger- we owe this much to one another by encouraging people to leave these situations.

My heart goes out to the woman in the story below’s kids. She was their primary breadwinner – and you have to wonder what happens to them next. In a country like Nigeria it will literally take nothing short of a miracle for them to continue their education and eventually end up with a decent life. No other human being is worth one’s life…we can encourage folks to stop engagig with lay abouts- self peservation is key. 

The account of what happened is below




Please if you know anyone that is trying to leave their situation encourage them with kind words and if you can assist financially please do so. No life is worthles.


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  1. Hmmm, the bitter truth is that even if we shout it from morning till night, some women won’t just listen.
    The funny thing is Nigerians have this mentality that marriage completes a woman, which is totally wrong. Marriage is not for everybody, and it’s not a crime to be single.
    Religion, society and culture is the reason why many women do not mind entering into abusive marriages. I can’t deal mehn! There is so much to life than to die for any psychopath who thinks he is doing someone a favour.


  2. This hurts to the bone. So pathetic


  3. Hmm. It’s sad what the epidemic has become in our society these days. Woman, love thy self. It’s just one life to live


  4. This is so very sad…


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