They Should Fear God

Anytime I read about corruption and stolen money in Nigeria, I always wonder if people really practice religion in that country. What does anyone need $2 billion to do? Is it so that their children don’t suffer in the long run or what? Because if you steal the birthright of the masses, your children can never really live in peace among the masses so what gives? These people should fear God.

The monies stolen from Nigeria makes you really wonder how much development the country has lost out on because of a handful of people. Now these two in the picture have been accused of stealing almost $2 billiom thus far – it is likely way more – for the monies they find, I believe there is still more unfound.  I saw their pictures and all I kept thinking was “ha Oju ole re sha” – ha this is the face of thieves. 




Both of these men are also alleged to be heavy/chronic womanisers (if you move in Lagos circles or even read the likes of naijagistlive- you would know 😅)…so the loot isn’t being used for good things.

I think Nigeria should start the death penalty or castration for thieves of such magnitude if found guilty.  Something has to give abeg.

That’s my 25 kobo for the day. 


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  1. God save this country!


  2. Castration! Ah! Lol.


  3. chrisyinks // May 27, 2016 at 00:27 // Reply

    I share similar sentiments although I have gotten tired of discussing Nigeria’s corruption inclination. I doubt the death penalty/castration of thieves would ameliorate the situation as it seems corruption is a prevalent value for the average Nigerian. Sure, some would have to suffer and be made to undergo punitive punishment but a lot would be accomplished by a leader or set of leaders who espouses integrity and shuns corruption leading by example rather than precept – I don’t believe President Buhari is that leader.


  4. // May 27, 2016 at 01:46 // Reply

    When are loots ever used for good things? I worry for nigeria, she’s in major depression and bad as things are, it’s looking like it’s only going to get worse in the coming months. How did we let things get this bad?


  5. No, they don’t fear God, religion is just a social activity to them.


  6. We are in deep shit and its only just started.


  7. I keep saying, a simple cost/benefit analysis will confirm that it is more profitable to be a criminal in naija. Not just any criminal oh, a big time one, stealing in the millions and billions.

    -You steal $10million
    -EFCC will harass you small
    -You will pay back N5M (yes that’s a Naira sign even though you stole in $)
    -Maybe you’ll serve small time under house arrest/or in hospital cos you’ll form sick.(worst case scenario oh)
    – You get out of jail and do thanksgiving service in church or mosque complete with thanksgiving owambe where your same friends will visit and rejoice with a fellow thief that came out of the ordeal more profitable.
    – The remaining money has already been used to set up companies, buy property and things. business continues as usual.

    Corruption will continue to occur until the cost/benefit analysis changes to where the cost is > benefit.


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