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Even though I have been away from Nigeria for a little while,  I am up to date on happenings. I heard about the removal of the fuel subsidy and the increment in fuel prices by 70% to N145/litre. While I am not in opposition to the removal of the subsidy, a few things are worrisome to me.

1. The APC government has back tracked on a lot of their promises…these people need to be held accountable for just uttering words with no basis. They made promises without understanding the state of Nigeria and it is telling in their decisions. They are grossly unprepared to lead talkless of provide positive change.

2. Hardship – there is so much hardship in Nigeria that it’s unbelievable.  The economy is being crippled beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations. Three tomatoes for N100? And then we increase fuel prices knowing that the entire economy is dependent on PMS?

3. They condemned the previous government for attempting to remove the subsidy – oddly enough then would have been a better time to remove it – 2012. But the marketers had us convinced we had a lot to lose…errm dollar wasn’t  N367…go figure.

4. Who was consulted before they arrived at a price? And why is there a cap on the price? If you want to deregulate the price- deregulate it completely. Diesel has managed to thrive without a template – at least as far as I can remember there is no diesel pricing template.

5. Those in the interior parts of the country were already paying more for PMS anyway. Some parts of Lagos were also selling above the N86.50 previously stipulated prices. So what happens to these regions now?

6. With this increase in price – will supply even improve?

7. Considering our over dependence on PMS for transportation,  power generation etc – what happens in our homes and small businesses? It seems like they are looking for how to make the average Nigerian suicidal…because I don’t see how we have all these costs without any increase in income and we are to survive. I can imagine trying to increase my rates by 50% and clients complaining as the hardship is hitting accross the board.


Is the way forward to have diesel powered everything now – cars and gen? Or to convert our generators to Gas powered ( this just sounds ridiculously combustive).

I am not going to say God help us, because sometimes I am of the belief that God is tired of us Nigerians.

PS: I am starting to have a rethink about coming back – but I realise I have that option that so many people don’t have.

Please share your thoughts and tell us how you are coping at the moment.


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  1. I almost cried when i heard about the increase, we haven’t even adjusted to the exchange rate wahala then they’ve brought fuel increase again, yet my income is still the same.
    about 2 weeks ago, paint bucket of tomatoes that was 800 is now selling at 3500, only God knows how much it will be tomorrow. even the price of caprisonne has gone up.
    I have been trying so hard to have faith in this new government but they make it hard . they are so insensitive to the plight of their citizens.
    the queue in abuja tripled after the announcement of this increase, my normal commute to work is about 20 minutes, today i spent 1 hour 10mins on the road. everywhere was blocked because of the queues. I’m just tired walahi.
    yesterday i printed my bank statements and to see if there was any extraordinary spending, i didnt find anything. i just dont understand anymore.

    I’m very sorry for ranting, please forgive all grammatical errors, i’m just angry this morning.


  2. chrisyinks // May 12, 2016 at 20:25 // Reply

    Sincerely, this morning, I regretted ever supporting President Buhari and APC. It is evidently clear that they are a sham and although they claim to have the best interest of Nigerians, they neither have the capability to effect the positive change we need and don’t appear to act for the good of Nigerians.


  3. Ey yah Zoe pele.

    3 of my friends have cancelled family summer vacation. Vacation gini when you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I don’t even know the way fwd for naija. Let me go and drink zobo and take a nap. Sigh!


  4. OAD please come and adopt me bijo let me follow you to amerika biko.

    Its not easy at all. So much suffer in the land. This APC people seem to lack focus and vision. Haba things shoukd be planned for and well communicated to the masses. Whi are the goats advising these people.


    • Clare a lot of the measures are probably necessary but the execution. My dear America is grappling with the prospect of Donald Trump…..everywhere is looking so bleak


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