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Hi everyone how goes the week? This topic today was inspired by someone; she knows herself. It should have been a discussion for a long time ago, but I kept forgetting.

So I have to ask, would you be willing to marry outside of your religion? I ask this question because it seems like for people whom religion is important – it’s an absolute no go area. In Nigeria – you tend to see a lot of mixed marriages from a religious standpoint – more often than not in our parents generation – many Christian women married muslim men. These homes the parents were not really dedicated to sunday worship or friday mosque – the Yoruba ones that I know. The Hausa couples – females followed their moms to church and boys followed daddy to mosque…then again Hausa women dont go to the mosque I hear.

I grew up in a 2 parent Anglican household and when I say my dad was confirmed in his 30s – religion was not exactly the order of the day. My dad always harped on folks being able to chose how they want to build their relationship with God and my mom is the “thank God for food and life” – prayer type. …the simple Oyinbo Christian type.

I personally don’t have a bias when it comes to religion – christianity and Islam does say do not be unevenly yoked with unbelievers. But it becomes a question of who is an unbeliever (because it is only God that truly knows us)? I dated more muslims than Christians and I would have married one if the husbandly traits were fully present. However I met the love of my life (yinmu) who happens to be catholic but not exactly the dominant type – I am the one that asks that we go to mass. I am yet to convert from being an “Anglican” as somehow to me God is God…dont ask. Lol.

For me – maybe because of the type of home I grew up in- the only thing off the table would be a devil worshipper or satanist. Aethiests may even be considered depending on the individual. I found God as an adult on my own, so I am not sure being dragged to church as a child was productive for my type of personality…i spent a good portion of sunday school time hanging out in the canteen that sold fanta next door – don’t ask.

So my question is if you meet a person that ticks all the right boxes for your requirements in a partner but they are a different religion, would you go ahead to date and marry them?

Please share your thoughts and feel free to quote any of the Holy books while at it. We are all learning.


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  1. Chrisyinks // May 11, 2016 at 20:07 // Reply

    I wouldn’t.

    As much as I term myself a liberal, Christianity as my religion and a required religion for my intending spouse is a box I wouldn’t compromise upon. Matter of fact it is the first of only two mandatory boxes I desire in a spouse. I feel I owe this to the belief that my universe revolves majorly in Christ and thus, Christianity forms the philosophy from which I derive the essence of my living.


  2. I am a Christian.

    I would marry them.

    Why? A truly good person follows the golden rule -do unto others as you would want them do unto you.
    Basically treats others with love and respect and even loves God.

    What I know is the difference between religions; at least Christianity and Islam is the mode of worship and belief about Christ.
    Which doesn’t even change the rule God, Christ gave, refer to third paragraph above please.

    That is my answer and reason.


  3. // May 13, 2016 at 13:46 // Reply

    God is God, within Christianity. I’m willing to marry from any christian denomination as long as they don’t wear white robes and wander about barefooted.

    Outside Christianity might cause me more pause, but my decision would strongly depend on the individual. Some christians ain’t sh*t and some atheists have the most loving hearts.


  4. Tough one. My biggest thing is in hearing the same message as a family so we can grow together. husband off to mosque, wife off to church, you don’t get that sense of fellowship together.

    I used to be completely opposed to it in the past, now I’m open to it. Dude will have to have all his boxes checked sha.


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