Happy New Month


Hey everyone happy May! Can you believe we are 5 months into the year? This year I only purposed two goals at the beginning of this year – both are in motion. Sometimes the days seem slow and in retrospect May is here.

I want to wish you a pleasant month of May as you go about acconplishing that which you heart desires. Any May birthdays in the house? I am looking forward to sligter warmer weather since the East Coast is going from winter directly to summer – spring is like and illusion right now.

I hope things get better for those in Nigeria  – fuel queues go away, the dollar normalises and things take on some sort of normalcy in which folks can survive with some ease.

Happy May, may we all bear yielding fruits.

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3 Comments on Happy New Month

  1. Amen. I pray we get the very best of our desires. May all may and might become will and would, thereafter did and done. 😉 may God help us.


  2. Happy new month everyone. May this new month bring unexpected blessings into our lives.

    I’m a May born so it’s a special month for me.


  3. Happy new month people. My goal this year was to seek inner peace, happiness and work out. Been consistent with all 3 and feeling on top of the world. lol.


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