Lemonade or Tea


So usually I don’t do this – blog about pop culture but I had to say something about this right here. Beyonce is the queen of marketing. ….I admire her work ethic and go getter attitude. Before Lemonade came formation – while I am not a Beyonce stan, I appreciate some of her work from time to time however I just couldn’t get with formation and I have not been able to understand the Lemonade business.

A few things I have noticed with Beyonce though is that people take her songs literally. ….folks who are running off and asking if Jayz can cheat on Beyonce, why can’t any other woman be cheated on? If the good hair Becky is Rachel Roy etc….its a bit maddening.  The woman only sang a song she has in no way shape or form endorsed how folks should live their lives. She has spoken- whether or not it is her truth is for her and God to know.

I often feel that people need messages and direction and in seeking this, we tend to over do things. Remember when she was singing “can you pay my bills”? Some people are still stuck living that song, or is it single ladies – she sang this when she married oh. 😅 or is it to the left to the left? She was already married to Jay at this point and rumours of his fidelity were out there, we didnt see him packing a box.

Beyonce has never displayed any madness publicly – even when her husband and sister were fighting in an elevator she just walked off- as in.

Now folks that think Lemonade is gospel – well to your own detriment or benefit I hope it works for you. As for queen Bey she aint sang but a song and hasn’t expressedly said the song is her full reality.

Women biko please know when something is a song, fantasy, reality and alll – you own life is for you – tailor it accordingly. Beyonce is still with her husband 😅. …don’t go shouting Lemonade if you cannot deal with the consequences before you end up drinking alomo or is it Orijin alone ( I actually like Orijin).😅😅


That’s my 50 kobo for the day. By the end of the week you won’t even be able to buy sachet water if you add up the money.

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3 Comments on Lemonade or Tea

  1. As in eh the memes on this lemonade has been outrageous. Bey for president mehn. She’s brilliantly brilliant.


  2. As in, you took the thoughts outta my head. I’m no “Bey fan” so I couldn’t care more or less, especially since her music took the risqué route but, hey, I guess she’s moving with the pop-tide or should I say she’s setting the pop-tide….. Couldn’t care either way….


  3. I am here also wondering why it is only Bey’s songs people automatically assume is personal. Other artists sing about a multitude of things, but no one goes around assuming they are singing about their lives.

    I’m not a Bey Stan. but dang even I have to give her props. She’s one of the hardest working artists out there. Someone gifted me a ticket to her “On the Run Tour”. Boy did she kill it. Kudos to her.


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