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So let’s talk about consulting! Consulting is pretty much providing a service based on a field you are knowledgeable in (that’s my definition). Notice I didn’t say genius at – as I believe the more you engage in an activity the more skilled you become at it. So you think you are not a consultant? Well I have news for you, there is no such thing as a talent-less or non-knowledgeable person. Did you go to law school and can’t get a job? Have you considered selling yourself as someone who can write employee contracts for small business in exchange for a token or some sort of barter?

Do you know how to braid hair even though you graduated with a degree in chemical engineering and are still job searching? Can you use your network to push your other skillset and provide home service? Are you a really good cook and can leverage off office functions to provide catered food or even lunch to your colleagues on a pre-order basis? There are so many gifts that we as human beings have and we tend to ignore them because we assume that they won’t fetch us much money. I know in Nigeria it is very discouraging when numbers are not in the millions given the general economy, but the truth is the ocean is made of many drops of water.

Are you a good writer? Do you like to read and can communicate your thoughts on a article or book clearly? Maybe you should review books for a token or even the book itself. Can you knit? Check with a nursery or private hospital you might be able to strike a deal where your items are provided to newborns inclusive of their package. I mean the list of legal activities we can perform to earn side cash is literally endless – I think sometimes we get very discouraged based on how miserable our Nigerian environment can be.

The truth of the matter is that if you do not put yourself out there, no body will recognize you. I watched a video of Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook) – he had called a meeting of 5 people when he was in college to discuss Facebook – and guess what? Only two people showed up. This video was sent to me by someone who I discussed my dream for a preschool all the way to University – as far fetched as it all sounds sometimes- I hold on very tightly to the goal. While not everyone will believe in your ideas – the most important thing is that you believe in them. After all people have businesses that you think are absurd but they are enjoying themselves and earning for example rent a mother or cuddle buddies.

I implore you to think and share something that you actually enjoy doing and think you can consult on. For me I am working my general business knowledge, my love for numbers, my love for crochet and my love for blabbing (this website) in terms of trying to generate extra cash.




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  1. Thanks, I consider myself as being a good reader and also able to review books properly, but I have zero ideas on the way forward to gain extra cash from this. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks


    • chrisyinks // April 25, 2016 at 22:06 // Reply

      Laura, have you tried googling websites that review books and seeing how you could be a part of the team. Alternatively, I’m believe if you could mail sites like bellanaija with some of your best works, you might be able to get a feature on their site and also earn some decent cash from your interest.

      For mine, I enjoy analysis, strategy and also finding ways to help businesses and societies function optimally. I dislike wastage, disorder and inefficiency. I should be able to monetize this skill with time.


  2. I like getting people together. But the key is reasonable, intelligent, non judgmental, fun people.

    I thought of starting a professional mixer/happy hour but I’m not even sure what is delaying my efforts. sha I have not made concrete plans to move fwd with it.


  3. I used to love to bake, read, cook the whole nine yards, however as I have recently ( read for the last 3 years) become a student with kids and a job it is crazy for me. I did have my little business I was working on but I need to focus get this degree


  4. This is a great post.


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