I am Still Here


Hey Yall, sorry for the long silence – even I cannot explain it as I am not sure why I haven’t posted. I guess just trying to figure out a few things. That in addition to trying to earn a living and chase down all my professional debtors. Nigerians I tell you. I hope you had a productive week? I have seen all the response on suggestions I guess we will keep with the writing and maybe on occasion a vlog maybe something like once or twice a week type thing. I am trying to make my thoughts more structured and put my brain to work – play less kitchen scramble and build something that makes sense. I have also been ambitious with crocheting – this particular blanket I have been working on has taken me a week- now I don’t want to sell it as I don’t believe the payout will be worth the effort. lol. Hey we all have short comings. lol.

So I am here – I will roll out the posts as they make sense in my own brain. I will leave the name of the blog as is and just push for ways to create content by organizing my posts for as long as I can sha.

As for the picture – I have lived abroad, i believe vodka is the devils juice (it robs you of your dignity and gives a nasty hangover)! Team Tequila or Rum when i used to be able to hold my liquor and hot yoga for da meditation. …peace out!




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  1. Ditto on Vodka. Never again. Give me Cognac or Rum and I’ll be just fine.

    In my head I’ve been starting Yoga since I joined my new gym in January. unfortunately spinning got my attention for now. my meditation consists of my lying in bed with lights off. finish. I guess that explains my lack of creativity


  2. chrisyinks // April 25, 2016 at 22:12 // Reply

    Incidentally, I have a bit busy lately so I am semi-glad that I don’t have much to catch up on. Anyways, glad you are still around.


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