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Simi simi work work work work work! Emi na go work work work work😂 that’s the Yoruba version of Rihanna’s song that won’t leave my head and allow me to be great.

Happy Monday Una Do! 😇 Hope everyone had a decent weekend and is somewhat ready for work?  Especially the 9 to 5 hustlers….I remember when I was still in college and my dream in life was to work 9 to 5 as a financial mathematician on wall street – that dream lasted a year post graduation when I found out I couldn’t wear a purple skirt to work – dress code violation things.

As for me, freelance or entrepreneurship is the way forward based on my habits these days. Going to sleep at 4am and waking up at 9am- I would have gotten fired donkey years ago. I send my clients emails around 7am though- so I manage to look responsible – well at least somewhat.

I have been toying with the idea of video blogging for a while now and still on the matter but my inconsistent gemini personality might not allow me follow through when I have to sit and edit the video. It would also mean streamling my thoughts and honestly that might stiffle my creativity or whatever is left of it.

I keep trolling the net and the one thing I always want to make sure is present on this blog is laughter at least my posts should make even one person smile a day then I can feel better about writing. I am not keen on reminding anybody where they have fallen short or critising per say where anyone is headed. I am also not keen on gossiping about anybody (note I didn’t say I don’t read gossip sites oh – the likes of naijagistlive do enough of this stuff). And as for weddings I will rather not – I don’t believe in fairytale- I believe in realistic expectations and adults working through these expectations and wanting to create beautiful homes for themselves.

I asked my husband if he would give me a job- I feel like I need more work…he was laughing. I kukuma told him I won’t share my billions with him when I hammer…oschisco, he knows that deep down inside I am a genius. Afterall he is a lawyer 😅 over sabi dey always worry them (I am just playing oh before all the lawyers come for me)! Being married to a lawyer is dangerous though as a mathematician.  1+1= 2- case solved, but be very afraid of people who can say a man didn’t commit murder intentionally when the bloodied knife was found in his hands.

On that note I wish you a productive and blessed week ahead and hope I can focus long enough to make sense of the week and submit all my deliverables as I have spent the money already in my mind.


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  1. i will definitely want you to start a vlogggg


  2. Nooooooo. I enjoy reading. These days its like no one reads anymore. Pictures and videos has made everyone lazy about reading. no vlog. Oya maybe on very specialllllllllllll occasions.


  3. *have made


  4. Hey Mme Pynk…I enjoy your writing, please don’t stop. And yes, your blog write ups do brighten my face. Remain blessed Genius.


  5. Yes I agree with Bee, I prefer reading but if you feel the need to do a video once in a while, then by all means go ahead.


  6. Your write up does brighten my day Miss Pynk. You have a funny way of wxpeessing your thoughts and very serious issues are well ariculated for anyone to understnd.

    Vlogging may even be more stressful as it takes more from you to be very consistent. However, im sure you ve got what it takes. I wld still want to read your write up though.

    Heres wishing you more creativeness .
    I cant wait to be my own boss full time basis. Baba God make it happen for moi.


  7. Please, try and do more of writing even if you decide to start videos.

    You left us starving on the blog. Ko ma da bayi…… I love you anyways sha. I hope you’re good.


  8. I love that your blog is basically about your thoughts and views. Yes, you make us smile too.


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