Hectic Week

It has been an interesting week sorry for being absent….between a client trying to cut fees in half – I would just chuck this up to bad taste and it being my first baby’s birthday it has been a helluva week.

I also found out, well we also found out my dad is Instagram and has been sending everybody messages like unblock your page – he hasn’t found me for now at least or he hasn’t figured out my handle. He seems to be tagging himself in pictures too😅. Something about him being on social media is just one kind- he is 65 he might end up being the next baddiewinkle on instagram. Baddiewinkle is like 80 something and she still parties a lot 😅….you can follow her. He has done facebook – he even used to tell me to go sign up for eharmony and match.com when I was single. My mother on the other hand cannot even understand how to use whatapp and “the facebook”, she struggles with the concept of email and is always looking for who to help her.

My Superstar genuis turned 6 on Wednesday – he is the leader of the pack who paved the grandchildren way for my parents as he is the first grandbaby and also awesomely special – my father named him after himself. He told us he wanted to go to rainforest cafe- its a nice cafe with mechanised animals – makes folks feel like they are in the jungle – it would be so nice to have one in Lagos since we don’t have real animal parks but alas we don’t have light and LIRS and other government agencies will frustrate the business before it has a chance to become operational. 


Fun week – between work and stocking up on Etsy stuff the week has been a bit of a blur. The weekend should be more relaxed but Jojo has his big party on saturday according to him at I-play America so trying to dogde that for now and get some sleep in.

Hope you had a decent week and were able to get fuel if you live in Lagos? I know people who have left town as its cheaper to go and just sit in London and mope than keep going in Lagos when you don’t understand the end game. I wish you a better weekend than you had week.

Signing out singing – work work work work work work😅


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  1. www.thelmathinks.com // April 10, 2016 at 23:50 // Reply

    I wish I could just go to London and mope honestly. But actually, things are getting a teeny tiny bit better (fuel wise). I’m not too crazy about Buhari as a person or a President but I believe that this trying period is only temporary and the change that was promised would be delivered. Still, corrupt as his administration was, I miss GEJ! *sobs*

    I had a decent week but honestly I want more. I know I can do more! I’m self employed and this period has been bleh. I might chalk it up to “Buhari” but I believe there are jobs out there I can do, monies to be made, people to help usher me into my next dimension, opportunities to be tapped into, deals to broker, things to do, places to see. I want more! I miss coming home and being too exhausted to bath or eat and pass out into dreamless sleep because my brain is too fried to dream!

    Oh well, let me stop ranting and thank God for what I do have. Have a great week OAD and everybody.


  2. I spy with my little eye, something bumpy. Congratulations mami you’re positively glowing.


  3. You are so right about LIRS killing businesses. I dread having to put out a signage outside my store as i know both LASAA AND LIRS officials would descend on me within a week. I pray it gets better as i cant afford to go to London and mope.

    How have you been?



  4. Happy birthday in arrears to your baby!
    You look good!
    About parents and social media, it used to irk me that my mum forgets how to edit messages on her phone but my dad uses Facebook, WhatsApp and well too.


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