Strength in a woman….what exactly describes strength in a woman? I somehow feel that this generation – the 1980s and up are an award generation.  Some of us consider ourselves strong because we ventured into male doninated careers, some of us consider ourselves strong because we stayed in abusive relationships and “overcame” abi na pesevered, some consider themselves strong when they have to take care of the home and kids alone for a week while the nanny is gone for Christmas  (naija folks). Are we seeking commendations for the things which we ought to be doing anyway? Such as building careers, or caring for the children we chose to bring into the world (if you are voluntarily having sex – children are a consequence so yes its a choice) – should we pat ourselves on the back for these things?

For anybody who is in an abusive relationship i doubt the term strong should be in play – some of us have encountered different levels of abuse or are even the abusers – many women are verbally abusive if you check on it. Now does staying in such a relationship make you strong or it exposes your level of self worth?




I ask the questions above based on the comments above…simply because I believe many people take the whole strength thing and twist it to suit their circumstances. 

Please can you folks help define who a strong woman is? What makes her strong? For me the lines keep getting blurrier daily when some women want to act like their children are accomplishments – err no – Especially if you believe in God you will understand that he merely made you a caretaker to them – so you didnt exactly accomplish them.

Please lets discuss.



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  1. “The guys you attract are a reflection of what you are” – Totally disagree with this. These days men are forming attraction and lying their asses off because they have hidden motives and are trying to take advantage of females. That a loser is attracted to me doesn’t make me a loser.

    Back to questions asked.
    – If you birth a child, you are strong. I watched my sister deliver my nephew and I have never looked at mothers the same. whole new level of respect.

    – If you are able to raise a responsible, honest, child in this day and age, you get power. so much craziness out there, raising children in 2016 seems like a herculean task.

    – If you are able to pick peace of mind and happiness over abuse, money, public opinion, peer/societal pressure, you are strong. It takes a lot to discover your happy place. when you do abeg hold on to it.

    if you are out there legally/honestly/diligently working your butt off, not collecting handouts, striving to do better and make an impact, you are strong.

    Shout out to all the strong women out there. You won’t always get a pat on your shoulder, but keep doing what you do.


    • chrisyinks // April 4, 2016 at 21:11 // Reply

      Personally, I try not to earnestly seek qualifiers like strong and the likes. It often seems to obscure the necessity of doing the needful and just enjoying the simplicity of life’s phases. If ever there was any woman to be qualified as being strong, I believe Bee’s opinion on the matter is very credible.


    • Kisses for you. 🙂


    • I concur


  2. @bee, nice one.. See me smiling while i read through your comment.


  3. I totally share your sentiments @Bee. You nailed it.


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