This is Driving Me up the Wall

So I have been watching a lot of CNN while crocheting and attempting to stock up the ETSY store – Buy something oh!

And there was a recurring theme for the week – Donald Trump and his flip flopping on the matter of abortion and women. Now my thing is this with abortions – both parties are to blame for any unwanted pregnancy – however the woman is always on the receiving end of the insults and what not. No woman who got pregnant by a turkey baster ever wanted an abortion (they actually signed up to be pregnant) – it is men that impregnate these women.

So why are men at the forefront of the making abortions illegal? I mean you criminalize a woman for her right to make a decision on whether or not to keep her unborn child. I for one do not believe that the unborn is more important than the person carrying the baby. Many women opt for abortions for different reasons albeit a few in America use abortions as birth control – there is better sex education for the children here – especially in high school settings and College settings. I know of a woman who was on birth control and ended up pregnant for the 4th time – she had 3 prior c sections – her husband wasn’t ready to wear condoms or be sniped – the doctor told her point blank – no to having the fourth baby unless she was ready to put her life on the line – most doctors wont do more than 3 sections on the same woman – she chose to have an abortion. Does this woman not deserve a right to choose if you want to address abortion from a no premarital sex standpoint?

While I understand religious sentiments, I think it behooves anybody to say that abortions should be illegal especially based on religion. What exactly are you against if you haven’t provided proper sex education for people to make informed decisions? Nigerians are king culprits of this – telling a young girl- if you touch a boy, you will get pregnant – this is not sex education, this is delusion. By the time your daughter has her first period she should be knowledgeable enough to understand the actual act of sex and the consequences of this. Likewise boys should be made to understand the consequences of sex. If girls choose to have sex with the proper education under their belt, they will be able to make informed birth control decisions and asking that potential sexual partners be tested before engaging them. Access to information is king in my opinion. The holier than though attitude that Nigerians tend to adopt is killing many young girls and making many more infertile….

I don’t believe anybody has a right to determine what someone especially a woman can do with her body. The woman’s choice is hers to make and hers alone – not certainly any man especially as they rarely ever share in the blame of unwanted pregnancies. We are the future our daughters need to be properly educated on what options are available to them and their right to make decisions with the right amount of information at their disposal.

As for Donald Trump that said women should be persecuted for abortions when he becomes pregnant ( I mean President), he has since retracted his statement and made four or more blunders on the subject in a week alone – If one says his mother should have had an abortion and we won’t be listening to his nonsense – people will say it is mean, but God bless America for freedom of speech.

On another note there is now a male contraceptive undergoing testing – Vasagel I believe it is called – it is supposed to work for a year or so killing sperm cells from being active. Once this becomes available men have no reason to heap the blame and shame of unwanted pregnancy on the woman alone. Let’s see what garbage excuse they will come up with for not using it.

If folks want to criminalise abortions, then both parties need to be held for it – not just women alone.

I do not believe abortion is a form of birth control but I do believe women are entitled to the right to make a choice on whether we want one or not. I am pro-choice all the way  – WE HAVE A RIGHT TO CHOOSE! Yes I have gone mad temporarily.



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  1. chrisyinks // April 3, 2016 at 16:37 // Reply

    I differ with your perspective on this subject, though I won’t be able to provide enough reasons for my stance due to other responsibilities at the moment. For what is worth, I am pro-life and feel abortion is basically tantamount to murder – termination of life. I’d agree that making women the sole-bearer of the punishment of illegal abortion (if this law is passed and signed) is a bit parochial, seeing as conception doesn’t take place without a sperm – a man’s sperm. If a policy can be adopted that would make all the stakeholders – the doctor carrying out the process, the man and the woman involved and other co-operating parties – in the abortion process guilty, we may efficiently and swiftly have a healthier society. Like you have emphasized, sex education needs to be at the fore-front, also adopting healthy sexual practices could go a long way. I have looked at the statistics on abortion and a larger percentage of women undergo it not because of health risks but because of convenience. Also, if you are so chanced, watch videos on the abortion process – I did and it brought me to tears about how we as a society have chosen to value life. I believe this isn’t so much a discussion about a woman’s right or right to choose as it is about the essence of life and the values of a society.


  2. I always struggle with this topic. For health reasons, I’m always pro choice.

    But then there are people like my roommate in college who I found out had 5 abortions. that’s straight up irresponsibility. It is no BC.

    But then, I wonder which is better? Unprepared parents bringing a child into this wicked world to suffer, or having an abortion? sigh


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