Crime – Does It Really Pay?

You know I hear of stories of folks who know people that have been convinced to committ one crime or another. The promised reward is usually monetary gain or material gain of some sort. The thing nobody ever helps these people understand is their cost of freedom versus this said money or material item they have to gain. Then again can you blame folks? Corrupt officials are living large in Nigeria, drug kingpins move around Mexico with Impunity – you tell someone not to committ crimes?

The story below has made headlines and I look at the woman in question and ask what went wrong? Or what mis-step even led to this? She has what looks like a decent past – college trackstar NYU, former beauty queen turned flight attendant – her life seems like what many would appreciate. She was however detected at an LA airport to be carrying $2 million in cocaine….since they don’t search flight crews she would have probably gotten away with it if she had her uniform on. Instead she abandoned her shoes and the luggage with the drugs and ran- she was also able to catch a flight into NY. She called a confidant who encouraged her to turn herself in which she did. So now she will not just face trafficking charges but also evasion charges.

The full story is Here

Half of such people do not even know the law regarding what crime it is they are attempting to committ.  I now understand when my dad used to tell us “even to be a successful criminal it requires a lot of work”!

Just sharing my two cents as usual. Do you think crime pays? If you could do stuff without getting caught would you?



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  1. Our actions will definitely have consequences, good or bad. However, the consequences of crime is on another level. My conscience won’t allow me do stuff even if I won’t get caught. I feel guilt(y) too easily so I just try to be good most of the time.


  2. When you choose to trade your freedom,then you should be able to face the consequences. Nothing beats peace of mind.


  3. You see that sentence your dad makes? My dad said it a lot to us too.


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