Say It Aint So

If you ever watch CNN,  then you would have seen the shenanigans already.  While I struggle with the relevance of this post on this site- I believe many of the community members are Nigerians and based in Nigeria so the outcome of this doesn’t really affect them…I have decided to speak my mind.

Donald M. Trump ( the M is for “modaf**king”) I renamed him myself. It’s almost like a joke. My theory is that he is working with the Democrats to make sure the Republicans don’t win. If not, how do you explain this garbage? A man who is anti immigration is married to non-American born women named Ivanka and Melania not once but twice at a minimum.  Dude has businesses in Mexico and other foreign countries exploiting cheap labour etc.


He has once again proven to the world that America really tolerates free speech because how else can you describe this nonsense? I thought Sarah Palin was bad as a VP candidate – Sarah I am sorry, I apologise you are a star baby girl! When McCain ran against Obama the first time – if not for Sarah McCain might have actually won – I mean he is about the best candidate the Republican party has fielded in a long time.

While I am an Independent (you can tell of my liberal leanings from the way I blog) – I tend to look at individual candidates as opposed to their representative party. It’s a good thing Ben Carson dropped out – he can work on preserving whatever is left of his once decent image. As for Rubio glad he borrowed some sense and took a bow. Cruz was talking about abolishing the IRS – haha its only God that can stop the American government from collection of taxes – so either you die or the world comes to and end- both are acts of God.

If they put a dog next to Trump at many polling stations he won’t win. While I am happy that the Republican party has pretty much issued their own report card before the elections – I am unhappy at the level of bigotry present in the country and how easy folks expose themselves.

As for my person Hillary – I dont believe she is on her A game as she has no sensible opposition but Bernie Sanders. It’s like she is being handed the race by these bigots.

You can already tell how I will be voting – anything but Republican. I think a good independent candidate needs to come into the race and shake this nonsense up.

May Donald Trump never see daylight as the leader of the free world because I am not sure where I would like to be returned to even as a Natural Born citizen – Maybe Jamaica – Dollar is currently doing too much In Nigeria at the moment.

While many people will not vote for the US president, the policies the person sets affects the globe in terms of economies, wars, humanitarian aid and human rights..I guess hence the title of the leader of the free world. I am sure on many days Obama is confused whether he is the president of America or the world.

PS: if you want to born Yankee baby now is the time oh just in case somehow Trump wins and they go the way of the UK on the matter….it will take easily a few years to pass into law but still…time to get that passport and make hay while the sun is still shinning. 😅

Just my $1 on the matter….any thoughts? Kindly share.



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  1. OAD, always saying it in black and white.

    Donald Trump is just a mockery of the American elections and if I must add, the republicans didn’t provide strong contenders, that’s why Trump is having a field day “trumphing” all the way.

    Should he mistakenly win, no one will take America seriously again, and that’s the beginning of wahala.


  2. lucynthia // March 18, 2016 at 18:59 // Reply

    Trump is the perfect example of “money miss road”. Just embarrassing America anyhow. He definitely cannot win this. If he does then America would fall o.


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