I have been sitting down and thinking hard about something and nothing is coming to me. What do Nigerians do well? For instance Jamaicans are good resturantuers/ cooks – maybe even short distance track stars. Outside of weddings what are we good at? I say weddings and not even marriage because I am of the opinion that we are not honest enough to even deal properly with each other in marriage. We are so well versed in planning and executing weddings that I am sure we probably have 200 weddings a weekend and i  not sure how many even go past the 1 year of happy marriage stage. I am not judging anybody but merely stating my mind.

Education? We do this but do we do it well across the board? We are a highly educated country but our society doesn’t remotely reflect this.

Minus the negatives such as credit card fraud, cocaine pushing, human trafficking and prostitution etc which we do well!

Can someone please tell me what Nigerians as a collective are known for?



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  1. Ah how do you forget zombism..

    We can do mumu for pastor from now to eternity. Now don’t mistake that for being religious.

    We can pop champagne on behalf of Africa. Many will even borrow just to pop.

    On a serious note though, when we do fabric, we do it well. I’m talking about adire, aso oke, locally made. Too gorgeous.


  2. Chrisyinks // March 10, 2016 at 22:15 // Reply

    The words in the picture answer your question – apparently, when it comes to functioning as a society, we excel at making bad decisions!


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