Is it Allowed?

Happy Monday – irrespective of your circumstances you lived to see this Monday so its better to be grateful than be ungrateful and speculate what else can go wrong for the day or week. I am sitting in the emergency room – had to bring my nephew in – nothing too bad just baby stuff. This coupleis arguing – they have to both be like 90hundred years old. Its funny, the wife is telling the husband he fell, dude is yelling he didn’t fall, then she asked why they have to wait and dude responded by saying “do you think I am number one, incase you haven’t noticed I am not the president of the United States”. Its comical at best – dude is here in the ER because he obviously fell😂 but to think this might be me and my husband after 50 years of marriage I am not so sure about being married for 50 years or more.

I know of a few people who have openly declared that they want to be dead by a certain age…especially if they dont have a good quality of life. My dad for instance doesn’t believe he will make it past 80 thats another 15 years and he says point blank if my mom dies before him – he will medically take his own life. He is a pharmacist – go figure.  My moms family on the other hand tend to live longer 80/ 90s – i met my maternal great grand father who died at 104.

My husband always says jokingly that he doesn’t want to go past 70s….which is another 40 years and I think about it and I am not sure how I feel about it.

How do you feel about ageing? If you were to pick an age to live up to without complications when would you go? Are we even allowed to think of such morbid things?



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  1. Chrisyinks // March 7, 2016 at 21:01 // Reply

    120, why I should I rush to begin eternity?


  2. With no complications and okay eyesight? When the last of my people are going. I don’t want to be lonely and old.


  3. I think old people get away with a lot of mischief, I don’t intend to miss out on all the mischief I plan on making on my grandkids, soooo let’s say 90 something…


  4. I want to grow to the age I won’t be a liability to my children in terms of my health. And also not so old that I would start having people dying around me especially the ones 10-20 years younger – eg. someone who was in her eighties and lost three of her children before she got to her nineties.


  5. The old couple u met at the hospital are the real MVP…lol. I wouldn’t want to be a liability to my kids.


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