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So I was sitting down having a convo with someone and we were talking about parents. My issue was with my mom who finds it challenging to say yes to offers from her kids.  One of my brothers wants to take her and his mother in law to Disney world and my mom didn’t want to say an outright no. So I had to have a conversation with her about letting other people be nice to her on such a grand scale.

Now my convo partner helped me to understand that our parents spend so much time and give so much of their lives to us that they don’t realise when we are trying to say thank you in return and appreciate them a little bit. For this person for everytime he pays for something for his mom she is always trying somehow to give the money back and he has to run away so she can’t get to him to give it back.

Now i have a question about parents who don’t seem to mind when their children either prostitute to pay the family’s bills or engage in other dubious activity. How does a child you sent to University show up and pay your bills or buys you a car with no or little questions asked. I think this is the first thing that drives many Nigerians into runs and Yahoo stuff while in university or after high school.

If the poverty is that bad at home, how does it become these children’s responsibility to elevate their entire families before they even become adults? Or you have cases where the parents are so poor the bride price is seen as their ticket to a better life…

I am just curious because I am trying to understand if it is poverty that makes us this way or it’s a cultural thing.



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  1. Chrisyinks // March 3, 2016 at 22:55 // Reply

    It’s ’cause the Nigerian society worships money irrespective of how it is acquired.


  2. Our love/lust for money is too scary. Thats even a more problematic issue than poverty.


    • love of money comes from ones giving heart not ones heart that is falling to pieces. lust in our youngins need to be taught and turned into how to love for when they are old enough to handle deep meanins not meanins that come from abuse in all areas of ones daily doings being homeless is how you get the true meaning of love poverty is an accomplishment saving our youth is what is freightening mums shouldn’t expect green from the existence human beings that were given birth to as well as any male figure that is not part of something that has been torn by the leeches to give to their circle of lives on the expense of other weak minded prey need to stay away from those curtain moments of foaming at the mouth


  3. Love of money. I don’t get it myself. My mum wouldn’t let me give her anything either. I’ve been trying to convince her it’s a gesture of love and appreciation, not me seizing responsibility. Lol. Haven’t had much success


    • whats a shame is when the mother of a daughter gets sold out while the mother is also for money what is that about this world is coming to a sick and depressing state of mind we need to focus on whats important and keep our tool in the tool belt our world is falling apart from all groups of animals searching and playing crochet for power when all they have to do is read the memo and see whats up that’s the way the wheels on the bus roll


  4. TRUTH HONESTY LOYALTY RESPECT!!!!!! NO tinmans like in the wizard of oz is what the government is trying to turn we the people into across the world. we all need to bring together our strengths and help those strengths become actions that is needed to help empower those strengths talking is good but walking is even better for the heart that beats normal for some and abnormal for others


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