Why the Lies?

So I have been erratic these days but also very aware. How is everybody? Happy March and Eku exchange rate (it has been dealing with me significantly and I am really not in the mood to touch on it because if I start I may not finish).

In the last 3 or so weeks there have been rumoured breakups of several popular couples/marriages as reported by SDK…I use rumoured because it makes it sound milder, even though she is almost always right – she is usually as right as a DNA test in terms of accuracy.

One thing I have noticed is all the couples with the exception of one have gone back onto social media to convince the world that they are together and happy, or that they are working through whatever it is. I mean why do we need to show the world we are happy? It’s kind of like folks who go on vacation and they post so many pictures while on vacation and you start to wonder if they really enjoyed their vacation at all. Why do people feel they owe the world anything or some sort of explanation? What happened to just living and being accountable to yourself and the other party? When I see these things on social media i usually laugh because to me its a sign of greater issues.



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  1. Yeye of Lagos // March 2, 2016 at 10:16 // Reply

    I thought you abandoned us o,
    How are u doing Pynk…Hope u are having a goos holiday.


  2. Most people need validation in everything they do, it’s not their fault. Doesn’t move me I just read/look at pictures and keep it moving.


  3. They post their lives away on social media, then want to cry when it comes back to bite them in the ass. Oh puleasssse.

    All they needed to do was remain silent, or issue a press release (cos they are celebs) that they are working through stuff. Shikena. Now it’s def clear they are tryna do damage control. Not working


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