I Have Heard Similar Complaints

In my years of existence I have know different types of people. Both male, female etc that live what one would deem questionable lives. I am not quite for or against sleeping with other people’s husbands or wives even though I am married. In my opinion those people want to be slept with and there is no amount of judgement myself or others can pass that will make it go away. I also do not believe that wives are superior to mistresses – they serve different purposes and depending on the man involved, priorities differ.

I saw the post below on instagram and it seems to be a valid complaint….many married men are more willing to be excessive in their spending than single guys and you start to question why a single babe whose sole goal is material possession will go and date a single guy? What does she really have to gain by dating a single guy and tolerating him if marriage is not her end goal?


Please share your thoughts.



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  1. If the sole goal is material possession, why not try blood money (like our nollywood movies preach), armed robbery, grand larceny or some other more ‘profitable’ methods of acquiring wealth. At any point in time one’s scruple judges what one deems right, wrong or acceptable and that is the primary issue here not the quantity of worth of items one receives in a relationship!


  2. Lmao @ blood money, Someone is angry.Chrisyinks sorry ehn… this is not the first time I’m coming across this statement. Single guys make una release una hand small naa Lol.


    • Actually, I wasn’t angry, maybe I was pissed with ladies overusing the excuse of many single guy’s perceived tightfisted attribute to justify their immoral act. Becoming an undesirable third wheel in a family brings grief to the wife and possibly abandonment to the children of such marriage. I wouldn’t oppose a single lady who places financial possession as a priority in her choice of a male partner or better still, equips herself with the necessary skills to be financially independent. I just get upset when ladies can’t seem to draw the moral line between what should be right and what isn’t.


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