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Fugazi= fake goods

On to the topic of the day – if you know me, you will know that the one thing I do not tolerate is fake…I don’t do fake – better yet I will buy stuff from Primark in the UK or Target or if pressed Walmart. But it seems not many people fall in with this line of thought. Before you say or insinuate it’s because I can’t afford it- ehm I can but it’s no longer a priority. I do know for many items I have bought – Jewelry and handbags they register you at the point of purchase- you get a certificate and receipt and even years later when your receipt fades, you can present your certificate to get the item fixed or replaced if need be.

The absolute only time you dont get a receipt is when you buy fugazi or stolen goods or cheaper second hand items – Fendi etc. I am sure in my years of collecting I have participated in buying either stolen or pawned goods (feel free to judge me) but I like my antique pieces. And those items you better be ready to wear them yourself or make sure you know the UNESCO laws – before you try to resell – meaning the my great grand mother was Jewish type stories.

Because many people can afford the original of an item doesn’t mean they understand the intricacies of purchasing such items or even telling the difference between fake and real.  I for instance I am not too well versed with bags so I just take myself to a flagship store. Diamonds on the other hand I can spot fugazi from a mile away  and I do a lot of spotting – don’t ask me where. It was the only requirement I had of my husband – do not buy me low quality diamonds or cubic zirconia i wont accept it. Better yet tell me we have no money and i will comport myself.

When you consider how much original items cost – ask yourself how many $4,000 bags one person who is not earning $10,000 or more can buy. How many people can afford without losing their minds full out diamonds for every occasion when a small itty bitty piece with good clarity is expensive. You got to really step back and ask what the truth is.

Many people in Lagos are fugazi professionals either because of a lack of knowledge or a lack of funding while having high ambitions. Hell some websites even do fugazi giveaways in this Nigeria.

To each his own, but folks shouldn’t get upset when they are called out for wearing fugazi especially if they know it is fugazi. If you dont know- go and learn before you part with your money – yes you have to learn before you buy luxury items…

Thats my 25 kobo for today. Do you buy fugazi? If yes why? Have you ever been gifted a fugazi item? What was your reaction? I have been gifted a fugazi item before – i said thank you and kept it moving. I have gifted my mother with cash to buy an original item in the past and she went and bought fugazi – and tried to argue in favor of…i own the same item so when she calls to borrow mine 10 years later i ask her where hers is.😅 now i just get her the item and keep it moving since i don’t trust her not to buy Fugazi and try to convince me otherwise.



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  1. Lol my dia, this wanting to belong is crazy. I am not after name brand goods. I would rather buy a no name leather bag than carry a fake. I am name brand crazy with my perfume that’s just me. Right now I have other priorities; paying for school, kids college funding etc.


  2. Yeye of Lagos // February 19, 2016 at 12:42 // Reply

    My own is this your Fugazi Slang,
    Love it!


  3. Fugazi!!! That word is funny lol.


  4. If I see it and really like it, I buy it, not necessarily because of the name/brand.


  5. Fugazi sounds like a tush name self.

    Abeg no to fake anything. To wear a specific brand is not by force.


  6. I will rather buy an unknown original design than a known fake design


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