Celebrate or not


So over the last few weeks, I have been doing a lot of relaxing, catching up and just trying to take things easy in this cold developed world weather. Many days I start a post and I say oh, no one wants to read that and then stop.

A day or so ago Anthony Scalia a US supreme court justice died and I find myself wanting to have a party. Some quick background on Scalia – he is extremely racist and vile (my personal choice of tasteful words) and the thing is seats at the US supreme court only become vacant when someone dies. And whoop whoop there is a liberal president who gets to appoint his 3rd supreme court Justice – he has already appointed a Gay woman and a liberal woman. I believe such institutions should be reflective of a positive America not folks who think denying any group their rights based on any discrimination is appropriate.

Now after the rant I have posted above my next question is whether or not it is ok to be happy at the demise of another? Can we celebrate death? Not the celebration of life thing we do in Nigeria, but like how folks were happy when Abacha died in 1998. Is it appropriate?  I don’t believe in not speaking ill of the dead, i believe in being as accurate as possible – if you were terrible in life why should it be sugar coated?

So I ask you – is it appropriate to celebrate or jubilate when someone dies? I am not perfect but I feel like I should take myself to IHOP and then Crab Shack just because this man died. Is something wrong with me? Let’s be honest.

How was your “valentimes” – i got a surprise from the hubstar – my nephew defrauded me sha – he regaled us about he was going to wash dishes etc….oh boy we aint see nada. Lol.



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  1. We all pray to God for greater height and blessing. We tell him to remove every stumbling block from across our way. Stumbling block can be in any form and it can be remove either by death, promotion, transfer etc. So why won’t we celebrate when the obstacle is removed from our path?


  2. To not rejoice after Abacha died would have been a sin! I try not to rejoice at negativity befalling others even if sometimes its an answer to my prayers. Most times i end up pitying the other party even though they have been vile.


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